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First, today’s weather forecast:

Rather cloudy, showers around. High: 75 Low: 56.

Here are the top stories in Manchester today:

  1. If you are looking for dates and times for the 4th of July fireworks in our area. We’d like to thank WMUR in Manchester for putting together an awesome and handy list! The Manchester 4th of July fireworks and celebration will take place on July 3, starting at dusk in Arms Park (around 9.30pm) with food vendors opening at 7pm. The rainy date is July 5. And there will also be fireworks after the Fisher Cats game at Manchester’s Delta Dental Stadium on July 4. Check out other local fireworks here: (WMUR)
  2. If you’re looking for the best ice cream and frozen yogurt spots in Manchester, Yelp has some recommendations! If you’re downtown, stop by Ben & Gerry’s and The Granite State Candy Shoppe on Elm Street for a cool summer treat. Just around the corner you can stop at Cremeland on Valley Street. Blakes Ice Cream on Milford and South Main Street in Manchester is a longtime favourite, and The Puritan Backroom has an ice cream window and walk-in space on Hooksett Road in North Manchester. If you’re heading to the lake or going bowling, you can stop by The Goldenrod on Candia Road, and don’t forget the Inside Scoop if you’re in Bedford! Learn more here: (Yelp)
  3. Congratulations to Members First Credit Union CEO Bruce Leighton who announced his retirement in September 2022. Leighton led efforts to open the new Members First office on Salmon Street and Elm Street, even though we were in the middle of the pandemic. He served Members First Credit Union as CEO for ten years and opened the Members First Credit Union Bedford branch in 2016 and expanded the credit union’s charter from serving only the Manchester area to serving all of New Hampshire! (Manchester Ink Link)
  4. Only two days left for The Patch Summer Giveaway! We would like you to help us spread the good news. The new Manchester Daily is running a free summer giveaway until June 24. Please share this link with anyone who might be interested in learning what’s happening locally with the free 5 minute daily digest. New subscribers will have a chance to win a Patch gift pack: a cute canvas beach bag, a comfy cotton T-shirt and a water bottle, for your next summer adventure! You can learn more and sign up here: (Patch Giveaway)

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