🌱 Miramar Air Show 2022 + Backyard Composting + SD Restaurant Week😋

welcome. It’s me, Bétien Bernice, your host at the San Diego Daily. Here’s what’s happening in the city today:

  • 2022 Miramar Air✈️ – It’s back and better than ever!
  • Backyard compost – All you need to know.
  • Agreement between the Navy and the Port of San Diego ✍️ The goal is to improve air quality and improve electrical infrastructure.
  • San Diego Restaurant Week – 25 September – 2 October 2022

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Often sunny and gentle. High: 81, Low: 69.

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Here are four of today’s top stories in San Diego:

  1. It’s the most exciting show in San Diego. It’s the 2022 Miramar Air Show, and it starts today! “It has been almost three years since MCAS Miramar was able to open its doors to our neighbors and share in our love of flying, and I am so excited to be able to do so again,” said Officer in Charge of Marine Corps Air Base Miramar, Col. Thomas M. Biddle. “We are proud to call it America’s finest city and to bring back one of the world’s most awaited aviation shows.” Entry, parking, and free blanket seats. It’s an amazing show – don’t miss it! To learn more: Click inside the parentheses, then click on the link. (CBS News 8)
  2. It is a movement in the right direction. The Navy will create low-carbon fuel credits when connecting ships to coastal power. This would reduce greenhouse gases for local neighborhoods. “This is a win. We are proud to work with the Navy on this and look forward to cleaner air and improved public health for all who live, work, and play in and around San Diego Bay,” said Dan Malcolm, president of the Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners. . The partnership will last until 2030. The goal is to improve air quality and improve electrical infrastructure. To learn more: Click inside the parentheses, then click on the link. (patch)
  3. Fertilizing – You’ve thought about it but don’t know where to start. Now, you can learn how To compost in your backyard with Solana Center. This free webinar will teach you the basics of composting through interactive presentations. Learn how to improve soil, reduce waste and air pollution, as well as save energy and water. Pre-register, reserve your place for the webinar and get started! To learn more: Click inside the parentheses, then click on the link. (San Diego magazine)
  4. Over 100 restaurants across the city will join in for eight days, from September 25 to October 2, inviting you to enjoy delicious meals prepared by talented San Diego chefs.. Yes, it’s San Diego Restaurant Week, and it’s your chance to enjoy a delicious meal at great savings. Fixed-price menus start at $20 for lunch and $30 for dinner. You can browse the menus of all participating restaurants. Celebrate San Diego Restaurant Week. Make a reservation today! To learn more: Click inside the parentheses, then click on the link. (San Diego ENTERTAINER)

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  • San Diego Humane Society: “Our wildlife specialists made sure that the creatures cared for at Ramona Wildlife Center stayed calm and cool during the recent heat wave! These raccoons definitely thought they were in Ice Parade with this fun frozen enrichment – ​​and this video of them having fun they were Themselves are so cool, we had to watch it tw-ICE!” 🦝 (San Diego Humane Society via Facebook)
  • San Diego city: “September is #NationalPreparednessMonth and we are urging residents to take some time to review safety procedures at home and at work. In San Diego, the risk of wildfires and earthquakes is ever present. Emergency experts are also encouraging people to prepare for any other life-threatening situations, including storms. floods, tsunamis and even power outages.” (City of San Diego via Facebook)
  • San Diego nutrition: “Our friends at the Helen Woodward Animal Center also help support our four-legged friends as well. As part of their Animeals program, their team members join Feeding San Diego at large scale food distributions at Feeding San Diego distributing pet food to attendees, as well as Fresh produce and staple foods provided by Feeding San Diego.” (Feeding San Diego via Facebook)
  • San Diego Botanical Garden: “Did you join one of our popular garden classes? Join herbalist Corinne Feinberg on Monday, September 26, 2:30-4 p.m., as she teaches you to connect with the natural world through an intuitive method of herbal medicine.” 🌿 (San Diego Botanical Garden via Facebook)
  • San Diego County Bicycle Alliance: “Group excursion in September next Tuesday! We’ll change venue and see you at Balboa Park by Pia Evenson Fountain (between Natural History and Fleet Center). Make sure to bring lights, a helmet and a jacket as the sun starts early.” (San Diego County Bicycle Coalition via Facebook)
  • 12th Annual Safety Fair and Chili Cookoff: On Sunday, October 2, 10 a.m., come to Chili pepperStay safe! Chili Cooking is located between Fire Station 33 and Northeastern Police Station. Chili costs are $5 prepaid, and $6 on the day of the event. Includes: Samples of chili, chips and water, 1 vote ticket, additional tickets available for $1 each and 6 for $5. Explore first responders and meet many of our first responders. Visit over 25 safety related booths, free CPR training (not a certificate), free face painting, demos, and lots of free items. 🌶️ (Rancho Bernardo Community Council via Facebook)

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  • Thirteenth San Diego Souls Festival. (September 24)
  • An all-new live band from the ’80s at Ebullition Brew Works and live music. (September 24)
  • Webinars with experts for catamaran rental in San Diego. (30 September)
  • An evening with bestselling author and “The Godfather” actor Gianni Russo. (30 September)
  • Weekend mystery murder. (14 October)
  • Bentley Golf Championship. (October 21)
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