🌱 Traffic App Disaster + Drink for Rhinos

Wake up, Space City! It’s me, Chris, your humble servant from the Houston Daily – I’m coming back to you with the file on what’s going on. Let’s dive into:

  • Millions wasted on TX traffic app.
  • An EaDo bar keeping the world excited.
  • Opening night of the Harry Potter Yule Ball.

But first, today’s weather:

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Here are the top stories in Houston today:

  1. ConnectSmart is an $18 million traffic app offered as a smarter Google alternative for the Houston area by TxDOT. However, despite the huge investment of taxpayers’ money in this new navigation app, figures show that the app has only 3,800 active users after its launch in September with a declining trend in downloads. TxDOT planners involved in the project argue that the app was a good idea even though it currently generates no revenue. Meanwhile, Molly Cook, a Stop TxDOT I-45 organizer, shared a common public sentiment, saying, “What disappoints me is the constant insistence on trying to pull us out of decades of racist policy-making. , decades of bad decisions, bad planning of our transportation infrastructure… it doesn’t matter until there is safe infrastructure.” (KTRK-TV)
  2. The White Rhino patio bar in Houston’s East End raises funds to monitor and preserve its namesake animals with every drink sold. A portion of the bar’s sales is used to ensure the protection of white rhinos through the creation and securing of anti-poaching zones. While the East End has seen many changes over the past two decades due to gentrification, bar owner Bobby De La Rosa believes White Rhino embodies that change. Bobby shared, “For us personally, having grown up here most of our lives, it’s important to us to honor our roots and protect our culture. But at the same time, we give a very warm welcome to new residents who arrive and how we come together to create this whole new climate. I think the white rhino symbolizes that, an animal that has been around for so long and still resists. (KTRK-TV)
  3. Paraiso Maravilla in Houston hosted the opening night of their sold-out Harry Potter Yule Ball event through January 20. The same event is happening simultaneously in cities around the world, including Milan, Mexico City, and Montreal. Houston was chosen as the only location in the United States for the event due to overwhelming local interest. Event coordinator Kate Poueymirou said: “Guests will experience elaborate decorations and crafts. Harry Potter fans will truly experience something new. They should come dressed, be ready to interact and have fun. .” Indeed, opening night saw fans arrive fully dressed in wands, capes, and their favorite house colors. Bars and shops are located throughout the sprawling event, selling Harry Potter-themed drinks including Godric Gryffindor’s sword, Salazar Slytherin’s medallion and the infamous butterbeer. (PaperCity magazine)
  4. Houston real estate agent Noel Collier is giving the kids of single moms new beds for the holiday season. After battling the issues of single motherhood herself, Collier wants to give back to the Houston community by providing the beds at her own expense. If you know of a single mom whose child could use a new sleeping space, you can send a Noel nomination to [email protected] Collier is the owner of the Noel Collier Group real estate: one of only five percent of black-owned real estate agents in the United States. Despite only having a history dating back 3 years, the Collier Group has managed to clear over $50 million in sales across Houston. (Houston defender)
  5. A fatal shooting in southwest Houston prompted an hour-long standoff between the suspect and police. Responders arrived at the scene in the 4200 block of Knotty Oaks Trail after a caller claimed a man with a gun had barricaded himself in the area. As police investigated, they discovered a corpse with a gunshot wound nearby. The shooting took place in an abandoned house which the suspect then fled in an attempt to hide from police responders. Fortunately, around 10:30 p.m. last night, the suspect was taken into custody. (KTRK-TV)

Headlines you need to see:

Big Papa is a 4-year-old domestic shorthair available for adoption at the SPCA.

Trust me, darling, he’s got enough hugs to feed the needy.

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