10 Grocery Items That Might Be Hard to Find at Your Local Store

A variety of grocery store items are experiencing shortages this year in the United States, including products such as baby milkAnd the Sriracha sauce And the tampons, which has been hard to find for the past few months. Tomatoes are expected to join the growing list, which could affect popular staples such as pizza sauce, ketchup and ketchup. And during the festive season, Hershey’s candy It may be hard to find.

A variety of problems cause this shortage, from supply chain problems caused by the epidemic to the ongoing situation The war in Ukraine. There is also a file drought And the high temperatures faced by many countries due to Climate change. At the moment, it is unclear when the supply of these items will be backed up.

These products are hard to find, and if you find them, you will notice that there is a file Prices have gone up Thanks to the shortage and inflation. For example, the price of tampons increased by about 10% in 2022.

Keep reading to see what shortages US supermarkets are facing today. To learn more about anti-deficiency, check out How to Shrink Shrinkage Affect your favorite supermarket items. Also, brand-name foods may be cheaper (Here’s exactly how much cheaper), but Do they taste better?

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Explanation of infant formula deficiency: What you can do


Items facing shortages this year

Tomatoes: A severe drought in California has caused the supply of tomatoes to fall this year. In contrast, tomato-based products such as ketchup and ketchup may become more expensive or difficult to find in the coming weeks.

Baby formula: Abbott Nutrition has had many problems this year, which led to the emergence of Insufficient supply of infant formula across the country. The company recalled several batches in February and halted production at the plant after children became ill with Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella.

In June, the factory was forced to close its facility due to a massive flood, although it reopened in July.

Sriracha Sauce: Huy Fong Foods, famous for its Sriracha sauce, has halted production of the beloved sauce until fall due to chili pepper shortage. The company usually gets its peppers from Mexico, which is suffering from drought.

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tampons: Procter & Gamble said in April that sourcing and transporting the materials needed to make and move the tampons was “expensive and highly volatile,” making it Hard to find tampons on the shelf. The company says it is a temporary situation and is working to increase the supply.

popcorn: Moviegoers, beware! There is a looming popcorn shortage that may affect the experience of watching the movie due to supply chain issues. Farmers are also expected to plant less corn this year and instead grow more soybeans.

wheat products: because of persistence Russia’s war on UkraineIn addition to drought, the supply of wheat appears poor. Russia is the largest wheat exporter in the world. This may affect some basic grocery items such as bread, which has already seen an increase in price.

pet food: You may find it hard to find food for your furry best friend soon. There is a shortage of canned cat and dog food across the country due to supply chain problems, and it is not expected to go away any time soon.

mustard: USA Today reported that while there is no current shortage of mustard in the United States, experts are concerned that it may soon. Europe is experiencing a shortage of popular spices due to climate change and the war in Ukraine.

Peache: The freeze that hit the Southeast in late March has delayed this year’s peach season. At the same time, an unusually warm winter followed by two bouts of severe cold devastated the peach crops in the Northeast.

Hershey’s candy: Supply chain problems have hurt cocoa supplies, and Hershey expects production to fall below demand during the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

We will keep this story updated while we hear about more shortages. For more information, check if buying groceries online helps Cheaper than buying in the store. Also, here’s a file The price of meal kits vs. groceries yourself.

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