10 must-visit Milwaukee-area ice cream parlors, ice cream, ice cream

The weather is slowly starting to warm up, which means more Milwaukee-area residents will soon be craving a cold treat this summer.

There are several local options for those looking to snack on ice cream, ice cream, or gelato in the area. Here are 10 we recommend.

Kopp's has been a popular place to get ice cream since it opened in the 1950s.

Kopp Ice Cream

Greenfield, Brookfield, Glendale

Kopp’s, arguably the best-known frozen custard store in the Milwaukee area, was founded in 1950 by Elsa Kopp, after whom the store is named. The first store opened in 1951 at North 60th Street and West Appleton Avenue in Milwaukee. This location has since closed, but there are still three Kopps left, in Brookfield, Glendale and Greenfield.

Kopp’s was the first frozen custard stand to offer a special flavor of the day; soon enough, many other stores in the area followed suit.

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