1832 Brew Espresso Bar now open inside Carmel Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop • Current Edition

By Chris Bavender

Attention caffeine addicts: Carmel’s brand new café is open. 1832 Brew Espresso Bar held its grand opening on June 10 at 111 W. Main St. inside the Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop.

“The decision to open a new Carmel store was a compilation of different forces when we decided to open it in January. 1832 Brew has been looking to expand for a few years,” said Latham Davies, Director of 1832 Brew. were approached by the owner of Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream earlier this year to develop what is now a strategic partnership between the two companies.”

One of many cold offerings at the 1832 Brew Espresso Bar. (Photo courtesy of 1832 Brew Espresso Bar)

The first 1832 store was opened in 2009 by Ashley and Logan Kemp on the Wabash College campus in Crawfordsville in Lilly Library.

“Wabash has long provided 1832 Brew with bespoke space in exchange for easy catering for college events,” Davies said. “This relationship is so close that Wabash originated the company’s namesake, with 1832 being the year the college was founded.”

Davies said the Carmel 1832 Brew is an independent entity from Sub Zero. He has his own space in the store and uses his own ordering system to serve customers. He said the benefit of having it this way is “good for a number of reasons”.

“First off, ice cream and coffee go together, but you should be able to get one without queuing for the other. Second, both stores operate on a schedule that maximizes the use of our storefront,” he said. “You can have coffee in the morning, ice cream in the evening, day or night.”

What makes 1832 Brew special is its menu.

“We like to experiment, but we also like the traditional range of espresso. We offer everything from lavender latte, a tart cherry energy drink, to butterscotch Italian soda that we mix at home,” Davies said. “We have milk alternatives, over 15 different flavors in any cafe you choose, and ultimately, skilled baristas who can open the menu for you to offer you what you think is good. If you would like a half coffee, large, oat milk, sugar free white chocolate iced latte with cold froth, we can do that.

Davies said 1832 Brews is excited to introduce signature recipes in the coming weeks.

“An overview: A salty mocha, a guava lemonade energized refresher, and a honey latte might describe a few,” he said. “In terms of dietary supplements, we serve yogurt muffins every day as well as protein bars that we source locally which perfectly complement a cup of coffee.”

As for competition with existing cafes in and around Carmel, Davies isn’t worried.

“The 1832 Brew advantage, in and of itself, has less to do with competition and more with catering to a community that loves good coffee and tastes sophisticated,” he said. “We have sourced our coffee for years from a local roaster in Zionsville, Julian Coffee Roasters, who champions a great charity-based business model and bold coffee selection. Coffee shouldn’t be very expensive. Coffee shouldn’t be complicated. The coffee should be what you’re used to, and it should taste good whether it’s an espresso or a drip. It’s the philosophy of 1832, drink good coffee.

1832 Brew will also take its offerings on the road.

“As for the mobile coffee bar, Carmel can look forward to our eventual appearance at the Farmer’s Market as well as other local events,” Davies said. “Things are in progress.”

1832 Brew hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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