3 pet feeding companies have been selected as part of the European Leap Venture Studio group

LONDON – On September 20, Leap Venture Studio announced the seven startups participating in its European portfolio, including three pet nutrition startups: Marleybones, People who kaer and Petty Well. The selected startups will participate in a 12-week program from September 26 to December 15.

Formed in partnership with Mars Petcare, the animal welfare organization Michelson Found Animals and services platform R/GA Ventures, the program will take place online and in person in London.

With pet ownership on the rise in Europe, according to Leap Venture Studio, the accelerator has selected seven pet grooming startups that are driving innovation in sustainability, supreme pet care, digital pet care, pet mental health, cat healthcare, and premium nutrition.

“This year we are delighted to be working for the first time with a region-specific group – in the early stages, businesses are built by ecosystems around them, and we are excited to dive deep into the European pet care ecosystem,” said Rachel Shepherd, Project Manager at Mars Petcare. . Pet breeding challenges center around geographic, social, and cultural complexities; They can be best solved by those who sympathize with these problems. Leap aims to support those companies that offer innovative solutions to the European market and beyond.”

London-based Marleybones is a subscription service that offers a range of customizable and sustainable dog foods. The startup offers fresh, gently cooked food made based on the dog’s age, weight, activity level, body condition and amount of food served. The recipes are available in several protein options, including chicken, salmon, lamb, and beef.

Marleybones also offers dog food wraps packed with superfoods that target specific health concerns in dogs, such as joint, dental and gut health, as well as training treats and omega-boosting oil.

Source: people who caer

Based in Hamburg, Germany, the people offer dog supplements that target specific health conditions, including joint health, immunity, skin and coat, made with functional ingredients like collagen, green-lipped mussel, biotin, probiotics and more.

The startup also carries a range of freeze-dried dog treats made from animal meat such as lamb lung, chicken hearts, beef udder, horse muscle, and more.

Paris-based Petty Well offers a subscription service for natural pet meals. The startup formulates dog and cat meals based on a pet’s age, weight, allergies, special needs, and more. All recipes are gluten and grain free and contain 41% protein, including 89% sourced from animals.

Petty Well has been selected to participate in the Leap Venture Studio acceleration programSource: Petty Well

Along with pet nutrition companies, BorrowMyDoggy, Hi Pets, Moggie and Rex will participate in the Leap Venture accelerator.

During the acceleration program, startups will achieve their milestones with the help of business strategists, technologists, designers and consultants from the Leap Venture Studio team. All startup founders will receive $200,000 USD, mentorship and support to earn money in the future. The founders will also pitch their startups to investors from Mars, Michelson Found Animals, and R/GA.

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