4 reasons why you should buy canned dog food

Every pet parent has found themselves in a bind when it comes to feeding their dog – is homemade food better and safer than processed pet food? While homemade food is economical and leaves you with more control over the ingredients that go into your pet’s stomach, it may not be the most nutritious option. When cooking for your dog, it is very easy to mix up the proportions of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Each dog’s nutritional needs vary based on their age and activity level. Besides, many ingredients that are healthy for humans are not beneficial for dogs.

Home cooked meals are lacking or unbalanced in the nutrients necessary for a pet’s health unless prepared by a veterinary nutritionist. Some pet owners think that homemade dog food is more natural and less processed, but fail to realize that it does not provide dogs with a comprehensive diet.

The ideal thing to do is provide processed pet food to your pet as it provides nutrition, palatability, ease of digestion, safety, and comfort. Let’s look at how your dogs can benefit from processed pet food.

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1. Complete and balanced meals

Processed pet foods are manufactured products that meet the Dietary Guidelines for dogs – whether it’s dry dog ​​food, wet dog food, or food for both puppies and adult dogs. They are made with the right balance of vitamins, fibre, calcium and protein, thus ensuring their nutritional balance according to international standards (eg – AAFCO and NRC) to support dogs’ nutritional requirements at every stage of life. They are made using only the highest quality and safe ingredients approved by the Pet Food List. To maintain safety, nutritional efficacy and palatability, processed pet foods pass through advanced testing facilities.

2. Supports signs of good health

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Our formulated pet food is made with dog friendly ingredients that support the signs of good health. They have oils that are proven to give dogs a healthy coat. They have digestible animal protein to strengthen the dog’s muscles. It also has excellent digestibility with fiber from vegetables and grains. It will also make sure that calcium and phosphorous levels are maintained optimal to support healthy bones and teeth. Finally, it includes complete nutrition with antioxidants like Vitamin E to support your dog’s immune system. When it comes to raising puppies, they require 9 times more calcium and 3 times more protein than babies. Hence feeding your dog only pureed food will not work! They need a factory puppy food rich in calcium and protein which will support them in growth.

3. Convenient to serve

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Processed pet food is easy to make, and because it comes in so many different flavors, it covers a lot of ingredients. Plus, your pet will love to experiment with dry food and wet food combos made with delicious recipes. Candy will help you train, care for and connect with your pet with a dose of zest that will make them come for more cuddles!

4. Cost effective

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Processed pet foods are more cost-effective than foods made at home. This is because gathering essential proteins and vegetables for each meal would be costly without meeting the nutritional requirements of your dogs or puppies. Since made dry pet food comes in different quantities, you can save your dollars and feed your dog even better!

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Home cooked food creates a lot of inconvenience and will end up burning a hole in your pocket without your dog getting a nutritious and healthy diet. Feed your dog well for its active and healthy life. You can try Pedigree dry dog ​​food, Pedigree wet dog food and Pedigree treatments for your dogs and adult dogs backed by science developed by the nutritionists and veterinarians at WALTHAM™. Scientifically developed and nutritionally well-balanced, it supports the five signs of your dog’s good health. For your puppy’s growth and development, check out the Feed The Difference With Pedigree ad movie and to learn more about what we do at Pedigree visit us online!

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