8 Times Employees Revealed Fast Food Chains – Don’t Eat This

Look, we all eat it. Even after we’ve heard about less healthy ingredients in food or about shady preparation methods. Fast food is an American addiction, based on salt, sugar and oil. Nobody is immune. And sometimes the employees of the most famous fast food chains decide that they have had enough and that unsuspecting consumers need to know what is really going on behind the scenes. Read on for eEmployees have revealed eight times big secrets about fast food chains.

Courtesy of Panera Bread

An employee was fired for showing him how to make delicious Mac n’ Cheese Panera, which feels more cafeteria-style than fresh pasta. The pasta arrives frozen in a plastic bag, then is dropped into boiling water to heat it up. While this surprised many Panera fans, the company said it avoids using preservatives the way and that the cheese plate is made fresh off-site.

Popeyes Kitchen Design 2022
Courtesy of Popeyes

In over 20 minutes of truly disgusting video, Popeyes employee Shakita Jones passes by a Detroit location where she works to expose the disgusting lack of sanitation. You’ve exposed bugs, litter, old food, and general filth everywhere you walk. Her video caused Popeyes to shut down the restaurant and investigate the Health Department.

Julia Guerra / Eat This, Not That!

Brian Johnston worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and uncovered the wasted piles of food the store threw away on Tik Tok. With all this food wasted, it was a major scandal and management decided to fire it in response. according to Yahoo newsThe teen wanted to give extra food to the homeless but the company had concerns about lawsuits that could arise.

Grilled Subway Beef
Courtesy of Subway

At another Tik Tok show, an employee revealed a piece of pressed meat that was eventually prepared to be a Subway roast beef. To say she was unattractive would be an understatement. The Tik Tok account continues to feature more juicy meats with the promise of more to come.

McDonald's Vanilla Ice Cream
Kirsten Hickman / Eat This, Not That!

On Twitter, an employee named Show Nick some pictures Bad mold inside a McDonald’s ice cream machine. interested in trade Reports say the teen has been fired and even banned from the LaPlace, Louisiana franchise, but he probably doesn’t mind.

Papa John's Pizza
Papa John’s Pizza / Facebook

You’ve heard Papa John’s motto: “Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s.” But one Reddit user who worked on the series said, Not so fast, for every Food and wine. In a post, the user reported spoilage and leakage of fat and sugar in products to make them taste good. He recommended avoiding unpopular flavors, such as spinach alfredo, which spoil before using but are often served on pizza anyway.

olive garden
Olive Garden / Facebook

eater I reported that another Reddit user is telling the true story of a Tuscan cooking school in Olive Garden. There was very little cooking and not many schools in the hotel out of season; More sightseeing and a little bit of discussion about spices and herbs to give a bit of a taste of continuing education. It was located in Italy but served as a marketing and photo opportunity for the participants.

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Culver Veggie Burger
Courtesy of Culver

One Reddit user said working at Culver made him realize that ordering a vegan burger might not mean you’re getting a meat-free meal. Since all burgers are frozen, workers pull them out and cook them all on the same grill. They don’t get cleaned up in between, so traces of burger patties can find their way into your veggie pie.

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