A creamery for the community

After COVID-related supply chain disruptions forced Connie Brown to close The Brown Cow, 7347 Madison St., in 2020, the community rallied around her to raise $62,000 to help the construction of an internal creamery. Although the project was $80,000 over budget, the donations helped Brown build the infrastructure needed to strengthen his own shop and has since evolved to create opportunities for other local businesses to create and stock their own. personalized ice cream.

“I’m literally only here today because of this community,” Brown said. “We built the creamery with the intention of making ice cream for ourselves and we kind of organically developed that model.”

Thanks to its 43 employees, the Forest Park store can produce 300 tubs of three-gallon ice cream a week in its on-site factory, but the store only needs 180 tubs for itself. The store receives its fresh cream delivery on Tuesday, the staff members make the ice cream and everything is sold out at the end of the week. The efficiency of the creamery has allowed the brown cow to collaborate with other businesses to make its own ice cream and support the business during the slower months.

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