“A cup of coffee and a world championship horse, please!”

This isn’t exactly how Swede Jens Fredricson captured the ride on Markan Cosmopolit’s 11-year-old gelding, but you can call it the shortened version.

The real story went like this:

While Markan Cosmopolitan was busy being a kid, the owners of the cafes at the Swedish National Training Center in Strömsholm decided to buy the charming three-year-old as a prospect for a riding school. However, their aspirations for the horse were fairly well established, considering that he had not yet shown any particularly exceptional talents.

What became apparent very quickly was that it was too hot for the Equine Education Program. Therefore, Frederickson had to take command.

However, the Swede might have been surprised to hear that after eight years Marcan Cosmopolite will be competing in the 2022 Agria FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark. successfully, at that.

“Nobody thought he was special, but the coffeehouse owners wanted to buy me a horse, and as he was too fastidious to use at school, I said I’d ride him and maybe sell him later.” Fredriksson said, to my great surprise he turned into a star.

Best coffee shop owners ever.

In a recent display of his star quality, Marcan Cosmopolite claimed the individual bronze medal at the FEI World Cup Leipzig Finals this past April.

After testing a Louis Connexx (NED) designed course on Thursday, the group landed an individual 10th place in Thursday’s individual and team vaulting—the second competition. Given the pool of talent, it’s a pretty impressive rating.

The top real estate riders in the scoreline have captured the likes of Scott Brash (GBR), Peder Fredriksson (SWE), Tiffany Foster (CAN), Jerome Geary (BEL) and Marcus Enning (GER), who are also verified superstars in their respective countries. .

Fredriksson and Marcan Cosmopolitan are part of the leading team.

Sweden remains firmly in pole position ahead of Friday’s deciding game. Signs are that they will ride the wave all the way to the gold medal, but chef de equipe Henrik Ankarrona (Sweden) knows the score hangs in a delicate balance.

“[They want it] So bad it hurts. But we all know that it can collapse in a split second with the fall of the fence.

With numbers they have a good chance of finishing with the score they need to clinch. Currently world number three Peder Fredriksson is on board H&M AllN. The 16-year-old burlap has an apparent turnover rate of 66% at 1.60m according to the JUMPR app. World number one Henrik von Eckermann (Sweden) rides 12-year-old King Edward, who has an apparent spin rate of 63% at the same height.

Currently 14-year-old Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE) and H&M Indiana are serving as the team’s fall runner after they grabbed a rail and landed a foot into the water at Wednesday’s individual and team vault – speed.

It’s a special starring Jens and Peder Fredrickson.

Peder Fredricson and H&M All In – FEI / Richard Juilliart

Jens and Baidar are actually brothers, and although they have enjoyed long and prosperous careers, this is the first time they have competed together on a championship team.

The top ten teams will advance to Friday’s final. So while Sweden’s victory would be a fluke, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland and Brazil would also bring fighting spirit with them. Defending champion Team USA did not make it into the top 10.

The individual ranking is also at a standstill.

France’s Julien Abaillard rode to victory on Wednesday’s Single Jumping Championships – Day Class 1 Speed ​​aboard the 10-year-old young mare, Caracol de la Roque. Epaillard and Caracole de la Roque were part of the FEI Nations Cup winning team at CSIO5* in Knokke, Belgium in June.

However, Herning was Epaillard’s first singles 5* win with the mare, and he had no plans to give up bragging rights overnight.

Epaillard’s 0/0 score puts him directly ahead of Scott Brash (GBR) with 13-year-old Hello Jefferson, followed by Peder Fredricson (SWE) with H&M All In. If he’s able to hold them back in a medal on Friday, only time will tell.

Full individual results here.

Although some things have changed.

The first positions did not change, but there was a change in the team standings.

Current world class rider Martin Fuchs (Switzerland) finished third with Leon G after the preliminary round. The 10-year-old gelding was favored for a medal after he jumped to victory with the team in the CSIO5* Nations Cup at St. Gallen in June, then outsprinted the CSI5* Rolex Grand Prix Ville de Dinard in July.

Fuchs worried about Lyon’s tendency to take rails when so fresh, so he kept the gray courtship busy with offers that led to Herning. They eventually collected a Thursday Railroad, which sent them from third place all the way to 15th.

14-year-old Jose Jos Verlooy (Belgium) stopped on the three-pack, sending Verlooy off the track. The Belgian team dropped from third to fifth place, but strong runs by Nicolas Philiparts, Jerome Gehry and Gregory Ouathelet prevented them from falling further.

Full team results here.

main image: Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward / FEI

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