A guide to boba, milk tea on the menu

After more than a year of waiting, Taiwanese chain Tiger Sugar has arrived in Arizona, bringing dessert drinks, boba tea, brewed tea and its famous amber striped drinks.

With more than two dozen locations across the United States, Tiger Sugar has built a reputation in the competitive boba tea industry with its dark sugar syrup infused beverages, which are now served at Mesa on Dobson Road and First Street. (For people who want to do their Asian shopping while in the area, the store is just a block north of the Mekong Supermarket and H Mart.)

With over 20 items on the menu, it can be hard to decide which drink to try. Options range from milky to fruity, with a variety of toppings to add texture to your matcha, coffee or tea latte. So we’ve put together a guide with descriptions of what to expect from a selection of Tiger Sugar’s best drinks.

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Customers order bubble tea at the Tiger Sugar counter in Mesa on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

What is Tiger Sugar?

Born in Taichung, Taiwan, Tiger Sugar has become a fan-favorite boba tea chain in recent years, thanks in part to its Instagrammable drinks with black sugar “tiger stripes” dripping inside their cups. .

According to the chain’s website, baristas cook tapioca pearls in syrup for eight hours before serving. Rather than cream, stores use fresh milk in drinks.

Tiger Sugar’s success has allowed it to expand with black sugar bubble tea-inspired products such as popcorn and ice cream bars, which can be found in select grocery stores, like neighboring H Mart.

What’s on the menu Tiger Sugar

Taro, left to right, drinks matcha and black milk tea served at Tiger Sugar in Mesa on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

Tiger Sugar’s signature drink is the dark sugar boba + pearl milk with cream mousse.

Drinks come in a variety of flavors including taro, matcha, chocolate malt, and coffee.

All drinks can also be customized with toppings such as boba, pearls (small balls of tapioca), cheese and cream mousse, tiger jelly and sago.

The store menu varies slightly by location in the United States. Here are the drinks you can order at the Mesa location:

Black sugar milk series:

  • Boba with black sugar + pearl milk with cream mousse.
  • Boba of black sugar + pearl + tiger jelly milk with cream mousse.
  • Boba of dark sugar + pearl + chocolate malt milk with cream mousse.
  • Boba with black sugar + pudding milk with cream mousse.
  • Taro, black sugar milk boba taro pudding with cream mousse.
  • Black sugar boba + pearl milk coffee with cream mousse.
  • Black sugar mochi bobo with cream mousse.
  • Matcha dark sugar boba milk with cream mousse.

fruit drinks

Tea series:

  • Golden oolong tea with cheese mousse.
  • Vanilla flavored black tea with cheese mousse.
  • Black sugar boba black tea latte with cream mousse.
  • Black sugar boba green tea latte with cream mousse.
  • Vanilla flavored black tea latte with mochi bobo.
  • Golden oolong tea with boba.
  • Vanilla flavored black tea with boba.
  • Black sugar boba tea.
  • Boba green tea with black sugar.
  • Black tea lemon black sugar.

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