A little girl cries when a Turkish ice cream seller plays a trick on her

Children are pure. They say things they feel without filters. They are honest all the way and will show you exactly how they feel when they feel it.

A new internet video is adorable in every way as a little girl gets tricked by a Turkish ice cream parlor, and she doesn’t hold back her emotions..


A little girl cried Rivers as a Turkish ice cream vendor pranked her

We all came across a video of a Turkish ice cream vendor playing tricks on a poor old goat who just wanted an ice cream cone but instead got an elaborate game of trickery from the ice cream vendor. Something similar was happening with a little girl when, in her most innocent way, she took the prank to heart and started playing pit.

The adorable girl drew a crowd around her as everyone laughed at her cute moans, truly illustrating the emotions of every adult being tricked by the Turkish ice cream man.. The little girl’s crying soon turned to boiling anger as her eyes widened and her nose flared. She got violent in her cute little way, throwing her little fists at the ice in an attempt to finally catch him.

Check out the viral video below:

Did she at least get the ice cream cone?

Turkish Ice Cream Stuffing

But his efforts were in vain as the ice cream man continued his game for a while. The funniest part of the video was undoubtedly when the girl threw an empty cone at the salesman, who continued his act. In the end, a man stepped in to help the little girl as he held her up and calmed her fury. Afterwards, she was finally able to get her cone, but that was also removed as the clip was cut short. So the mystery continues. Did the crying girl get the ice cream, or is the Turkish ice cream man still playing pranks on her?

Netizens enjoyed the video to their liking. Many people commented on how adorable the whole video was, while others were a little worried about the crying of the child. One emotional man wrote in the comments, “It’s justifiable if done once but repeating the same until you see the tears of a child, baby, boy, dad. “a human or animal is a amount of cruelty, no doubt. It’s to be arrested, why don’t the elders interfere? If they are also profiting from the same? Your co-Indian.

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