A man drinks in the same pub every day for seven decades

The same please! 92-year-old man has been drinking in the same pub every day since 1954 – and remembers when a pint cost eight shillings and 10 pence

When Bernard Bland made his first trip to the Nunsthorpe Tavern in 1954, a pint cost him eight shillings and 10p – the equivalent of 45p.

Yet despite the rising cost of a pint, Bernard is still going to his beloved Grimsby liquor 68 years later.

In fact, the 92-year-old has been going there every day for seven decades – only missing his daily session when the pub closed during lockdown.

It comes after many pubs warned they would close due to rising prices as landlords face more ‘uncertainties’ after Jeremy Hunt failed to explain how he would help businesses cope to rising energy bills.

Bernard drank at the Nunsthorpe Tavern in Grimsby every day or the best part of seven decades and has fond memories of past dates with his wife Betty

Bernard told the Grimsby Telegraph the biggest change he had seen over the years was in the cost of a pint, which he called “ridiculous”.

And he believes that’s why fewer people are now going to their local.

“The place was packed with people,” he said. “But with the balance between the cost of electricity and gas these days too, going to the pub is not something everyone has the money to do.”

“I live alone so luckily my gas and electric are fine, but I’ve started getting Meals on Wheels from a very kind friend to help me through.”

On his 92nd birthday, Bernard threw a surprise party at the pub.

And he recalled the hours he spent there with his wife Betty, who now lives in a nursing home.

Bernard said he's been feeling a bit down lately and the surprise party really lifted him up

Bernard said he’s been feeling a bit down lately and the surprise party really lifted him up

He said: ‘I met Betty when we were both on a paper tour when we were kids. I always finished mine early so I could help him with his.

He explained that the lovebirds came to the pub for their 60th wedding anniversary.

And he said there were no real secrets in their life together – they just tried not to fall out over small things.

He added that they always ended up at the pub, largely because everyone was so friendly.

Bernard said he was devastated when he found out his friends at the pub had thrown a surprise birthday party for him.

He added: “I’ve been a bit down recently if I’m being honest and the party has really lifted my spirits I have to say.”


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