A new family-run ice cream shop is now open in Morristown

MORRISTOWN, NJ – Stack Creamery, a highly anticipated family-owned ice cream shop, has officially opened its third location in Morristown.

The Westwood-based ice cream parlor opened its third Morristown location at 48 Washington St. The new shop replaced the former Postmark parts dealer.

According to co-owner Mohamed Elnakib, the local community has been buzzing since the announcement of the next shop selling highly customizable ice cream sandwiches made entirely from homemade ingredients.

“Our opening weekend was awesome. So many people were thrilled that we finally opened after the date was postponed. People mentioned that they stopped in almost every day to take a look inside the store and see if we were ready to open,” Elnakib said.

The glacier is open from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. from Friday to Sunday.

Stack Creamery had its soft grand opening on Friday July 22 after a backlog in Morristown inspections caused the company to delay its initial July 4 opening plans. “We had a line of about 15 people Friday the first hour we opened,” Elnakib said.

The business is run by three siblings, two of whom quit their jobs to start the business. The shop strives for the highest quality ice cream sandwiches by using original recipe cookies made from scratch and pairing them with premium locally made ice cream.

The Morristown expansion represents something of a homecoming for the company, as one of the co-owners, Sondos, lives there. According to Elnakib, they were excited about Morristown’s rapid growth and wanted their business to be part of it.

“The people of Morristown love to support local businesses and they really showed that this weekend. We even had other local business owners drop by, introduce themselves and welcome us to the community, c was awesome,” Elnakib said.

Stack Creamery offers over a dozen homemade ice creams, cookies and toppings for customers to create their own ice cream sandwiches.

In addition to ice cream, the ice cream shop sells brownies, ice cream sandwich cakes, ice cream pies, and donuts.

“We really hope we will be a beloved part of Morristown that people can use to connect and make memories. Delivering nostalgia through the fresh scent of homemade cookies in our store, the creaminess of our homemade ice cream or the ability to match any combination to make the perfect ice cream sandwich your heart desires,” Elnakib said.

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