A Portland Nacheaux food cart will take over the kitchen at Swan Dive

Since opening an eclectic Cajun Mexican food cart in southeast Portland in 2020, Chef Anthony Brown has been on the move. The food cart, Nacheaux, spent about a year in a Cartlandia pod in southeast Portland, tossing out breakfast sandwiches donuts and fried chicken burritos, before heading north: Brown moved into the former Alameda Brewpub space to open the Nacheaux Food Hall booth, and eventually took over the entire building. outer space. Earlier this year, Brown decided to leave the traditional food court and return to camper life on West Lane.

But later this month, Brown will return to Portland. Nacheaux takes over the kitchen at the relatively new cocktail bar Swan Dive, before reopening the cart at a new food cart in southeast Portland.

Swan Dive took over the Bit House Collective space in the spring, cementing some of the changes they’ve made to the Bit House over the past few years — bar hosts pull breakfasts, lunches, festive nights, and themed parties, renting out his kitchen for short stays term. Haus Of Charms, an outlandish food service group, has run the kitchen at Swan Dive for the past three months, but has fallen into hibernation – allowing Brown to take over the kitchen there. “We’ve closed the gap at Swan Dive for a few months, so they can find someone who works with their business model, and rents out their kitchen,” says Erin Cox, founder of Haus of Charms. “I want Swan Dive to thrive wholeheartedly, I want Nacheaux to be very busy, very successful, and have a great time in the Southeast.”

Over the past two and a half years, Brown has expanded beyond the original playing field of Nacheaux, incorporating more cuisines and dishes from outside of Cajun or Latin American culinary law. On West Lane, the chef has started playing with gyros and cheese, and hopes to continue branching out into the Swan Dive kitchen.

“Nacho was a platform,” Brown says. “But since this time, I’ve become an experimental chef. … At Swan Dive, we’ll make tacos, we’ll make burgers, we’ll make boys, but there will be different things like Cajun steaks, or pork belly topped with hot honey on the griddle. “

Anyone who has followed Brown’s culinary career knows that dishes will change often, and specials will be plentiful. He enjoys dishes like crispy catfish with jambalaya, pan-fried pork chop with country gravy, and French toast and pancakes during lunch. “It would give me a chance to do things I can’t do, but with half the stress of opening bricks and mortar,” Brown says.

The residence is expected to last for at least a few months, while a new food cart prepares to open the southeast section – more details about this food cart’s case are coming soon. However, when it opens, Brown will be back to his roots, running a food cart in a pod southeast of Portland.

“Although this time was crazy, Portland just stuck with me,” Brown says. “I’m excited for this new chapter.”

The first Nacheaux Day at the Swan Dive will be September 28; The bar is located at 727 SE Grand Avenue.

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