A well-fed wild fox treats breakfast and dinner every day from the Scottish Gran

Gran SCOTS has been treating the wild fox two meals a day for the past two months—including cereal, sausage, pasta, eggs, cheese, and jam sandwiches.

Anna Allardyce is now visited every morning and evening by the fox, fondly called Cheeky, at her home in Belshell, North Lanarkshire.

The 65-year-old retired began feeding the lucky animal after it was spotted sunbathing in her garden at the end of May.

And now she has a routine of preparing breakfast, which usually consists of cereal, milk, jam sandwiches and raw eggs, for the fox every morning.

In the evening, Anna gives food to her well-fed boyfriend – often she leaves him on macaroni, cheese and sausage.

The fox now knows that he visits Anna every day at breakfast and dinner time to enjoy his delicious meals.

Anna posted photos of her frequent visitor to Facebook on Monday, writing, “Wee Cheeky ate cornflakes and bread soaked in eggs and cheese for breakfast.”

She later added: “He eats breakfast and dinner, he’s not out today as much as the heat and pasta and sausage for his dinner trying to fatten him up.

“My little snake isn’t keen on dog food or tuna, I’ve taken it out and the birds get it.”

In the photos, Cheeky can be seen standing over an assortment of foods and getting into cornflakes.

Cheeky the fox eats two meals a day including his favorite cornflakes. Credit: Anna Allardyce

Another photo shows a curious fox at the top of the window sill of Anna’s house, looking for a caterpillar.

Her post has received more than 900 likes and dozens of comments from social media users who have been praising Anna for her kindness to the animal.

“Our foxes don’t like meat, they like to bake their eggs,” said Tina Millar.

“I hope he can make fun of so much, he can do so little with good nutrition,” Elizabeth Campbell said.

“Wow, I think the foxes are amazing,” said Elaine Dingwall O’Neill.

“What time is breakfast tomorrow?” said Douglas Cunningham.

Carmen SM McKenzie wrote: “A friend for life there.”

Speaking today, Anna said, “I feed him breakfast and dinner of raw eggs, buttercream jam and cornflakes.

“He loves cornflakes and dinner is dog food and cheese because I have a big Bukovina sheepdog who doesn’t eat all of his food so I give Cheeky what’s left.

“He’s also sitting on my back step waiting to be fed if I’m about to give him bits of cheese and cold cuts.

“My dog ​​sees him walking around the park and it doesn’t bother him.

“Just by chance he was out during the day and was in my garden a lot and sunbathing in my garden.

Anna added, “It’s a beautiful fox but I think it has fleas and scabies, so I called the Motherwell Wildlife Center to get something to give to scabies.”

It is estimated that there are around 357,000 foxes living in the UK right now, according to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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