All About Conez Hard and Soft Ice Cream in Jersey City

Summer means we’re all craving ice cream at the best ice cream parlors in Hoboken + Jersey City. Conez Ice Cream, one such store, is a beloved black-owned ice cream shop that serves “hard” – aka scoopable – ice cream, soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and a selection of cakes. with ice cream. Read on to learn more about Conez Hard & Soft Ice Cream Shop, located at 415 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City.

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Make a home in Jersey City

Conez is located less than a minute from the MLK Drive Light Rail stop in Jersey City. Really – you can see the storefront as soon as you step off the train, and its bright, colorful exterior always helps you not miss it. The family ice cream opened in the spring of 2019. When the pandemic hit a few months later, the family had to put the operation on hold for 6 months. While it’s been a tumultuous 6 months, once Conez reopened the landlord, Willie Haggans said “business has been good ever since.”

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Willie, a Jersey City resident since 1956, opened Conez with his niece, Shantaā Pressley, who has lived in JC since she was 5 years old. He knows that people always feel better when they have ice cream, especially after a long day, so he wanted to have a place within his community to add a little more happiness. “People feel good when they eat ice cream,” Willie said — and he makes a valid point.

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One of the ways Conez is spreading that positivity in the immediate community is by donating ice cream to two of the nearby child care centers during the summer.

“I think he always dreamed of opening an ice cream shop,” Shantaā said. Before becoming a small business owner, Willie was a Newark union retiree. That dream only grew until it manifested into what Conez is today.

The menu

Conez offers 30 milkshake flavors, 15 soft serve flavors, 4 fruit-based flavors, dairy-free selections, and more. If you are a fan of hard ice cream and love classic flavors then Conez should be on your list to try. Ranging from OGs, like vanilla and chocolate, to some classics with a twist, like praline + cream and strawberry cheesecake, there’s something for everyone here. There’s no seating available, so it’s a great option if you’re craving ice cream on the go. It’s also great for a summer evening when you’re craving some ice cream outside.

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Conez also has more kid-oriented flavors, like “superman.” This is a classic red, white and blue ice cream that sells well with kids in the summer.

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In addition to its selection of ice cream, Conez also offers a selection of smoothies and ice cream cakes. Each ice cream cake is made with 2 layers of ice cream with a frosting or crunchy layer in the middle. You can customize your flavor combinations with any of its hard ice cream offerings and Conez’s staff will decorate it for you.

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