Amrith Ice Creams, a family business in Banglore, serves homemade ice cream

In a quiet lane in Bangalore’s Malleswaram, Amrith Ice Creams stands unassumingly, attracting generations of ice cream lovers, one homemade scoop at a time. The family-run ice cream parlor makes ice cream from fresh fruit, nuts and flowers, the old-fashioned way, using traditional machines and techniques.

Amrith Ice Creams: ice cream parlor in Bangalore

Amrith Ice Creams is the brainchild of MN Sarathy. With a background in dairy technology, Sarathy imported high-tech machinery from Denmark to start his own ice cream parlor in 1993. He was joined by his sister Rajalakshmi. The siblings have transformed their garage into a picturesque ice cream parlour.

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Over time, Amrith Ice Creams has become a household name in the locality. Grandmothers bring their grandchildren for an after-meal dessert. Teenagers wander in for a scoop of creamy ice cream to beat the sweltering summer heat. It’s Malleswaram’s best kept secret!

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Vegetarian ice cream made with 100% natural ingredients

The baton to run the family business later passed to MN Ramapriyam, Sarathy’s son and daughter, Priya. Every morning they prepare batches of fresh ice cream. Stored in coolers at the front of the store, the ice cream is just enough to meet one day’s demand.

Unlike store-bought brands, Amrith Ice Creams offers vegetarian ice cream made with 100% natural ingredients. The velvety texture, the delicate flavors and the melting nature testify to this.

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Classic and exotic flavors loved by generations

While you’ll find classic flavors like vanilla and strawberry, their exotic treats like Manoranji and Pure Saffron come out. Made from a floral extract, the light green hue Manoranji has a sweet and aromatic flavor. The Grilled Almond has layers of toasted almonds in each layer. Whereas Caribou Cafe gives coffee lovers just the right amount of caffeine.

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For the special Amrit touch, the sundaes are topped with toasted almonds and drizzled with honey. Their sundaes give you the chance to taste their signature scoops and step into the world of vintage ice cream. Sip your ice cream cones and sundaes while taking in the panoramic views of the peaceful Malleswaram district. Lush greenery, warm sunshine and chatty neighbors will make your ice cream date a family outing.

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