An animal shelter reduces the cost of adoption

The San Diego Humane Society is participating in a nationwide clean-up of shelters to encourage pet adoption by lowering fees.

County residents can adopt a dog, cat, or kitten for $20 and small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs for $5 at any of the campuses including El Cajon and San Diego.

They currently have 442 animals available for adoption, said Jessica De Laurier, the San Diego Humane Society’s senior vice president and chief operating officer. Although they have not yet reached pre-pandemic intake numbers, their numbers are currently higher than during the pandemic, indicating that the number of animals they are letting in is increasing.

“Summer is always crowded at animal shelters, and this year is no different…a lot of people are moving and can’t take their pets with them,” said de Laurier.

She said the organization tries to help pets stay “with the families they love” and offers resources through its community support services division such as pet food and supplies, access to low-cost veterinary care, emergency care and other services.

However, they will take in animals when someone cannot keep their pet.

“If there is an emergency or situation that threatens the pet’s health, we will absolutely shelter them. Also, our partner shelters are very full, so we don’t currently refer to them. We refer owners looking to rehom their pets to our website, which has a list of resources ,” De Laurier said.

Visit for this list of resources.

To keep shelter numbers down, she said, residents can help by choosing adoption when they add a new pet to their family and taking preventative steps to ensure they are reunited if lost by microchipping the pet and having them wear a collar with current. Identification card.

“Citizens can help by temporarily holding onto any stray animal they find and working to reunite that pet with its owner before bringing it to the shelter. There are tips on our site such as how and where to post on social media.”

Statistics show that up to 50% of lost animals can be reunited with their owners in the first 48 hours after the loss of an animal if they remain with the person who found them, and if that person actively works with their shelter to find the owner, de Laurier said.

For pet owners who need to give away their pets, she said, they are asking people to consider working on rehoming their animals directly. She said using this approach is beneficial because it reduces stress for the animals, as they go straight from a familiar place to their new home and many owners like to meet the next family who will keep their pet.

Visit to view adoptable animals.

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