Australia’s Doctor V boosts focus on functional beverage innovation in APAC to keep up with growing trend

Doctor V’s signature ingredient in its products is Siberian pine needle extract, an adaptogen known for its high content of vitamin C, iron, antioxidants and other micronutrients.

Based on this, the company has developed four different functional drinks so far focusing on Mood (containing damiana), Clarity and Focus (nootropics), Recovery (liver and kidney cleansing herbs) and Workout (tea extract). green for caffeine).

“All of our products use berries and herbs that are hand picked and wild – none of these ingredients are farmed – which makes them very premium and exclusive, and we use different combinations of herbs, berries and vitamins to bring out the best functionality in each drink,”Doctor V Head of Marketing Richard Hugo Lark said FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“Energy drinks in particular are really a huge and thriving market with a lot of very dedicated and brand-loyal consumers, but we’re certainly seeing functional drinks becoming extremely popular and having a strong trend in this region now, especially for things like mood and nootropics and hangover drinks, and these are all areas we know we need to be involved in.

“In fact, most functional drinks contain an energy component, and that’s kind of how innovation can work – for Mood it’s about energizing the mood, for nootropics it’s energizing the brain , for Workout, it energizes the body, etc. so we know it can work.

Lark has also observed that many consumers in APAC are moving away from traditional energy drinks due to a growing awareness of the unhealthy components they contain, enabling the growth of new functional energy drinks.

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