Baskin-Robbins Unveils New ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Ice Cream Flavor

Baskin-Robbins is launching a new flavor of the month to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The new offering, aptly dubbed “Breakfast in Bed,” includes buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup-flavored ice cream infused with fluffy pancake pieces and a swirl of blueberry compote.

The chain is also unveiling a new specialty cake to complement the “breakfast in bed” flavor.

The “Tall Stack Cake”, available for a limited time, is topped with a caramel praline “syrup” and a scoop of vanilla ice cream as “butter”. It can be customized with any flavor of ice cream and cake.

Baskin-Robbins “Breakfast Bed” Ice Cream Flavor (Courtesy of Baskin-Robbins)

The new offerings follow other innovative flavor profiles from Baskin-Robbins.

In February, the chain launched a rose-infused ice cream called “Secret Admirer,” which featured pink cake-flavored ice cream swirled with rose ice cream and sealed with a sweet strawberry ribbon.

A month later, the “Golden Oreo Irish Cream” flavor debuted. The St. Patrick’s Day-inspired item featured a combination of Irish Cream and Belgian Chocolate ice cream with pieces of Golden Oreo cookies and a sliver of crispy graham cracker.


“Tall Stack Cake” by Baskin-Robbins (Courtesy of Baskin-Robbins)

Other national brands are also taking advantage of the upcoming holidays with unique promotions and product rollouts.

Fast food giant KFC (YUM) has unveiled a new collaboration alongside flower delivery brand Proflowers, aptly dubbed the “Kentucky Fried Buckquet”.

The homemade fried chicken flower arrangement, which customers can redeem by pre-ordering a side meal online or on the KFC mobile app between May 1 and May 3, includes 12 roses, a glass vase, a KFC slime applique, eight skewers (for the chicken) and a card, although the fried chicken must be purchased separately as it is not included in the kit, the company noted.

KFC says it sells nearly 400,000 buckets of fried chicken each Mother’s Day, making it “one of the best selling days of the year” for the fast-food giant. Mother’s Day is also KFC’s biggest day for online ordering and delivery.

(Courtesy of KFC)

(Courtesy of KFC)

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