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Forget the polls.

You know things are bad – really bad – even when our dogs and cats are having a really rough time in Biden’s economy.

With crippling inflation at 9.1% – a 40-year high – crushing the middle class, Americans from New York to San Francisco are struggling to make ends meet. We’re dealing with sharp increases in rental rates that have jumped dramatically by 25.3% for one-bedroom nationally average and 26.5% for two-bedrooms year-over-year, according to a July 2022 report from Now add in the rising costs of food, petrol, travel, and a myriad of other rising expenses that are hurting working families. As such, voters are not the only ones suffering under Biden’s team. America’s beloved pets are also bearing the brunt of the Democrats’ failed policies – man’s best friend is tragically abandoned by cash-strapped owners who can no longer afford to care for them.

Every cat and dog owner will tell you this truth: Our beloved pets aren’t just animals; They are our best friends, loyal companions, and, at times, protectors. However, the very important family members who enrich our lives and offer unconditional love to everyone – including lone retirees and others in desperate need of companionship – are uprooted from their homes and sent to live in cages or worse because their owners are forced to choose between paying rent and other necessities of life or care of their pets.

A choice no American should make – I don’t care how you vote.

In the United States, the world’s richest country, no one should make the agonizing choice between feeding your family or feeding your beloved dog or cat, but with Biden’s gross mismanagement of the American economy, even the cost of pet food has increased dramatically.

Inflation in the US pet food market is now higher than the consumer price index. For the month of June, pet food inflation registered 10.3% year-on-year, compared to 9.1% for the CPI.” According to market trends tracked by

This factual fact does not take into account all of the other inflated costs associated with owning a pet, such as vet bills, grooming costs, and other related expenses. All that said, abandoned pets are flocking to animal shelters across the country.

National Shelter data from Shelter Animals Count — a nonprofit that monitors the country’s “animal welfare landscape — shows that from January to June, the number of abandoned pets increased from 31,606 to 38,066 at 1,050 animal shelters.” Fox News Digital reported.

In New York City alone, abandoned pets in animal care centers are up 25% from last year.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Outside New York City, news reports from across the country are that pet owners are bringing animals to shelters at alarming prices in Akron; Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida; Stockton, California; Houston. Johnson City, Tenn. Farmington, New Mexico; and Missoula, Mt. .” Fox News added.

I shudder when I think about how bad life will be for our furry friends in the coming months, if not years, as the American economy heads into recession under the disastrous Sleepy Joe policies, which unequivocally hurt Americans more than they helped.

The truth is that the Democratic Party is in charge, which is clearly more interested in pleasing extreme climate donors who are consuming in destroying the fossil fuel industry than in the interests of Americans and the welfare of animals. An additional reason to choose carefully when pulling the lever comes the midterms.

Your financial health and the well-being of your pets are in the balance.

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