Bento box ideas that will make your child’s day at school

This school season, be the cool parent! (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

These bento boxes will not only fuel your child’s aesthetic values, but will also be packed with important nutrients.

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Now that the summer holidays are over, the schools are ready to reopen. Therefore, deciding on a quick and filling meal to give your child every day for school becomes a challenge.

Don’t worry, we’re here to relieve you of that stress and bring you innovative ideas that will make your job easier.

In order to make your child’s lunch super healthy, you need a bento box. It’s a wide tray divided into several compartments where you can add a bit of everything. It comes in all shapes and offers a wide range of options.

From two compartments to more, you can buy one according to your choice.

Below are some simple and healthy bento meals that your child will surely love:

Turkey and Cheese Bento Lunch:

The heart of this bento box is tasty lettuce, cheese and turkey bite-size reels. While the combination of popcorn and chocolate chips will make a delicious snack, the crispy celery sticks and succulent blueberries will provide plenty of nutritional benefits. Plus, packing this healthy lunch is a breeze, and you can make it the night before, too.

Mediterranean bento lunch:

This bento box is healthy beyond measure. It’s a combination of cucumber salad, hummus, pita, etc. As it is refreshing, it can be the perfect dish to give to your child at school on a summer day.

Bistro Charcuterie Lunch Box:

If your child is a Starbucks fan, then trust us, this recipe will surely make them happy. The Charcuterie bistro lunch box is inspired by Starbucks bistro boxes. This portable meal is similar to a small cheese plate that can be taken on the go. In addition to the nutritional benefits, it is convenient to take it for lunch at school.

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