Best Thanksgiving Movies Ever | Arena

You’ll be thankful you caught these classics.

While Movies about Thanksgiving They may not be as plentiful and well-known as the endless Christmas movies to choose from or the endless scary movies to watch to get in the Halloween spirit, they are right there! Here are 15 that are completely different and highly recommended Movies about Thanksgiving For a variety of tastes you can watch now to get in the holiday spirit, or right after the big meal when you feel like just some time on the couch.

Thanksgiving movies and movies about Thanksgiving

1. Planes, trains and cars (1987)

2. Hannah and her sisters (1986)

3. Krisha (2015)

4. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

5. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

6. Nissan parts (2003)

7. Holiday home (1995)

9. Addams family values (1993)

10. rocky (1975)

11. You’ve got mail (1998)

12. Yes house (1997)

14. Scent of a woman (1992)

15th. the new World (2005)

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