Big Brother 24: Brittany Hoopes Post-Eviction Interview (2022)

big brothers the house is open again! Each week,’s Mike Bloom will bring you interviews with this season’s guests as they get kicked out of the game.

In a game like Big brother, you can blink and move from the exit to the inner circle of the house and vice versa. It indeed happened behind the scathing eyes of Hoops of Brittany. The hypnotherapist immediately found herself backstage, eventually being brought into one of the most important alliances of the season. But she did not rest on her laurels, constantly making deals to ensure her safety. Unfortunately, this rotation and distribution did not work well for Mount Taylorwho felt insecure in his loyalty to take her to the final night.

Hoopes was thrown for a loop when she was put “backstage” by Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli making her ineligible to compete or vote. Unfortunately, she failed to make any social inroads early on except for a critical relationship with another stranger. Michael Bruner. But Brittany also made a costly mistake by telling Pooch the women were coming for him, the first of many not-so-clean moves she would make in the game. She soon entered the “Leftovers” counter-alliance, which continued to rule the house for the next month. Now in a safe position, she took the opportunity to get closer to Taylor Hale. Simultaneously, his closest ally Michael continued to ride in competitions. And not only did this make Brittany doubt her strategy to go all the way with him, but it also worried her about being targeted in case Michael was safe.

So Brittany got to work. She began making deals outside of her main duo, namely a women’s alliance and a Final Two deal with Matthew Turner. Unfortunately, the transparency made the moves hurt her more than it helped her. And that hurt showed emotionally on the double night of eviction when a desperate Michael threw her under the bus in his speech to affirm his loyalty to the rest of the house. In an instant, he was gone, and she felt bewildered and vulnerable. After winning a crucial veto during the Final Five, Brittany tried to take another big step by trying to convince Turner to cast a vote of sympathy for her friend. Alyssa Snider so they can dismiss Taylor instead. But when Turner chose not to, she was sent into scramble mode to recover her relationships. Despite being so close to winning both the HoH and the veto, Brittany hoped Monte would want to keep her less of a threat to the jury than Turner. But ultimately, Monte felt more solid in her relationship with Turner, ending Brittany’s chaotic 79 days in the house.

On her way to the jury house, Brittany talks with about how a revelation about her chances of winning affected the way she played, her reaction to Michael throwing her under the bus, and how she comes back to her and the Michael’s choice to go out. Kyle’s suspicions of a BIPOC alliance when her back was against the wall.

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