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SALISBURY – Kevin Swicegood opened a mobile food truck, allowing him to bring his barbecue dishes to local events to experience all of Rowan County.

His first event was Riot at New Sarum on August 27 where he sold 50 paintings in three hours. The menu was trays of chicken halves, ribs, and chopped Boston butt.

“That chicken had so little fat that it didn’t drip on the coals,” Swicegood said. The meat was sourced from Hutchens Homestead and while it was quite pricey, he said it was well worth the price.

The first day when a truck salesman threw some learning curves into Swicegood like blowing valves, when he was getting ready to make the flaps, and problem with gas. Although it caused a late start for the trailer, he was still able to provide quality meals to the New Sarum event attendees.

He thanks the health inspector he worked with to validate a work permit. Other events he plans to attend this fall are Randy’s County Wide Yard Sale on November 9-10 and Rufty- Holmes on October 13.

Dr. Paul Nassif, a renowned plastic surgeon and facial reconstructive surgeon, supervised two online training seminars. picture sent

Loeblein, Norris from Xccelerated Team Performance participates in training webinars

SALISBURY – Two Xccelerated Team Performance Partners, Tom Lublin and Tim Norris, recently completed presentations at the last two Zoom webinars recorded for the Certified Aesthetic Practice Program (CAPP) in partnership with Dr. Paul Nassif, A.D. Celebrity plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Nassif moderated both training seminars.

Xccelerated Team Performance, one of the sister companies of Salisbury Healthcare Management Consultants, focuses on leadership training and team development.

CAPP’s goal is to educate and bridge the gap between medical school education and the business knowledge needed to build and maintain a successful medical practice.

Nassif is co-host of E! The reality TV series “Fail”, which premiered in 2014 and aired for seven seasons. He has also appeared on E! 90210” and the first three seasons of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

The 1st Certified Aesthetic Practice Program webinar covered the topic “Building Your Dream Team”. The second webinar focused on “Maintaining Your Dream Team”. Lublin and Norris said they enjoyed collaborating with CAPP and Nassif and hope to be asked to work with them again.

September 17th has been designated as National Household Cleaners Day

Salisbury – Over the past 200 years, life expectancy in the United States has doubled with significant improvements in health and quality of life. However, while most people think that medical advances are the cause of this increase, the largest increase in life expectancy occurred between 1880 and 1920 due to improvements in public health.

A higher level of understanding and implementation of appropriate cleaning and sanitation practices is what has provided the basis for this unprecedented increase in life expectancy and quality of life.

Proper cleaning and sanitation has been recognized as “the greatest medical advance since 1840” according to the BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal), and today professional cleaning service providers are trained to be preventative healthcare professionals by the American House Cleaners Association. More than ever, professional cleaners are needed across the country to keep homes and businesses clean and safe. All local professional cleaning service providers in the community are now scheduled to celebrate National Professional Home Cleaners Day this year which falls on September 17th.

“As a professional cleaning service provider in Salisbury, I am very honored and proud to serve in Preventive Healthcare,” said Angie Koontz. “The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and hygiene of our community members are very important to me.”

To learn more about AHCA and National Home Cleaners Day, visit

North Carolina employment figures released for August

RALLY – The August 2022 seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the state was 3.5%, 0.1 percentage point higher than the revised rate for July. The national average rose 0.2 percentage point to 3%.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate is down 1.3 percentage points from a year ago. The number of employees increased by 1,375 during the month to 4,944,797 and increased by 198,133 during the year. The number of unemployed people increased by 7,904 during the month to 179,561 and decreased by 57,547 during the year.

Seasonally-adjusted total non-farm employment, as collected by the monthly enterprise survey, rose by 10,100 to 4801,300 in August. The main industries experiencing increases were

Leisure and Hospitality Services, 3800; Professional and commercial services 3000; Education and Health Services 2300; Manufacturing, 2100; information, 1700; Masonry, 1200; Financial Activities, 1100; other services, 200; mining and logging 100. The main industries that experienced a decline were government, 4900; trade, transport and utilities 500.

Since August 2021, total nonfarm payrolls have increased by 175,600 with the total private sector increasing by 174,700 and government by 900. The main industries that saw increases were professional and business services, 49,700; Leisure and Hospitality Services, 36700; Education and Health Services, 22700; Trade, Transport, and Utilities 18700; Manufacturing, 14500; Financial Activities, 300 11; Building 8200; Other Services, 6900; information, 6100; and government, 900. The only major industry to see a decline throughout the year was mining and logging, 100.

The next unemployment update is scheduled for September 28 when the county unemployment rates for August 2022 will be released.

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