Blue Bell ranked worst ice cream brand in the country

Blue Bell ice cream doesn’t seem to be as popular nationally compared to the adoration the brand receives from its fellow Texans.

The Brenham-based company, which can be found in supermarket freezers in 22 states, was included on a list of ice cream brands that use the lowest quality ingredients by popular food magazine Eat This, Not That! The Texas brand was last on the list, ranking ninth behind Baskin Robbins, with Nestlé Drumstricks and Great Value on the list. Blue Bell was named the brand with the worst ingredients.

According to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Nutrition Facts, the classic homemade vanilla flavor uses the tried-and-true milk, cream, and sugar (and they’re even high on the ingredient list!), but also rounds out the recipe with vanilla syrup. high fructose corn, cellulose gum and vegetable gums.

Blue Bell was also named the nation’s worst store-bought ice cream brand, with 20% of those surveyed by Mashed placing it in last place. Contrary to respondents’ feelings, Blue Bell claims 52% of the ice cream market in Texas and is considered the third largest ice cream company by revenue in the country at $671.4 million. behind the massive private label industry with $1.304 billion in revenue, and Ben & Jerry’s in second place with $863.1 million, according to Zippia.

The brand had to pull all of its products from the shelves in 2015 after a listeria outbreak killed at least three people and sickened 10 others. The company recalled 8 million gallons of ice cream and closed to deep clean and replace equipment at its three plants in Brenham, Sylacauga, Alabama and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Ice cream was back in stores by the end of the year.

Former Blue Bell CEO Paul Kruse was charged with conspiracy in 2020 after being accused of trying to cover up the outbreak following a five-year investigation. The trial begins August 1 in Austin. The company pleaded guilty in 2020 to a related case and agreed to pay $19.35 million in fines, forfeiture and civil settlement payments. The settlement would be the second-largest amount ever paid as part of a food safety issue.

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