Bluff woman aims to curb hunger, spread love for man’s best friend

For nearly eight years, Cindy Kennerley has dedicated her time to feeding, spaying, and indulging dogs in Clearwood and surrounding areas, in honor of her beloved Boerboel, Storm, who died of spinal cancer on September 8, 2014.

September also marks the International Month of Animal Remembrance.

Cindy Kennerley with the late Boerboel, Storm.

Kennerley, 53, of Bluff, said that despite the challenges, such as not knowing if she had enough food to feed more than 120 dogs, as well as how she would pay a veterinary bill often running over R10,000, she wouldn’t give up.

“These dogs and their owners depend on me every month. I won’t be able to sleep peacefully if I can no longer do it. When I was in a dark place after losing a storm, which was only six years old, it was these dogs that helped me recover,” she said.

Kennerley, an accounts employee, said she received an email about a dog-feeding scheme in the Clearwood and Jacobs areas on her birthday, September 23.

“Lady, from uMhlanga, she emailed about the nutrition plan she was running, but she can no longer do it and wanted to know if anyone was willing to take over. At the time, I was in really bad shape and was battling depression after that. I just lost the storm.However, I decided I needed to get myself out of that bad space.

“I decided to call her about a week later and said I would. It was the best decision I ever made. At the time, she was feeding about 30 to 40 dogs, living in truck yards, scrap yards and some apartment houses. However, the number of dogs increased on The years have passed, and I now feed between 120 and 130 dogs.
Kennerley, who owns six dogs, five of whom were rescued from Clearwood, said she now feeds every third week in one month.

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“I used to go out every two weeks, but with limited food supplies, it became more difficult. I get about 30-40 kg of bonemil, which is donated every month. On the morning of the nursing day, I get up around 3:00, to cook the bonemil, Then I add in any other donations I have received, such as vegetables and eggs.I also use about 40kg of dry dog ​​food, which is added to the wet mix.

“In addition to the hot meal, I also eat 280-300 kg of dry dog ​​food, which I give to about 32 families. It feels the best when I get to the area, and the dogs are very happy to see me. They will jump on me and shower me with kisses. I also give this love back, Because some dogs, like the ones in the truck or junkyards, don’t get that affection,” she said.

Kennerley receives affection from one of the dogs she takes care of in Clearwood.

Kennerley said one of her main priorities was to sterilize the dogs.

This is to prevent reproduction and unwanted pregnancy. Owners often call me if they can’t take their dogs for sterilization. I also offer to do this, when I see that the dog should not be spayed. I also offer treatment to get rid of worms, fleas and ticks, and if the dog is very sick, I will take him to the vet. When I’m lucky enough to have a kennel or blanket or any of the donated dog products, I also give them to the owners.

“I also try to find foster and permanent homes for dogs, especially the elderly, when the owner can no longer afford them. I prefer bringing back older dogs not just puppies. I look forward to spending the day in the area every month, it is a great pleasure to see the dogs happy very much, wagging their tails and barking with excitement, but also, to be able to honor my son, who has brought me great joy.

“I would appreciate any support, whether it’s dog food or a contribution to the vet’s bill, as it will make a huge difference in the lives of many dogs,” she said.
If you would like to help Kennerley, you can call her at 083239 2941.

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