Burrata, Banana Bread, Abori Sushi & More: Yelp Cleveland Fall Food Trends for 2022

Cleveland, Ohio – As Yelp Cleveland Community Manager, Lauren Kotmel is at the helm of a vibrant and bustling community of locals who drink, shop and play their way through town through peer recommendations on Yelp. Val is here and Lauren gives us the scoop on the food and drink trends that have taken over Cleveland. Enjoy the season with these local favorites from small businesses in the greater Cleveland area.

Burrata – burrata cheese on a bed of arugula, tomatoes, cuba, black olives and garlic bread from In Forno Pizza at 35840 Chester Rd. in Avon


Burrata is a soft Italian cheese made from cow’s milk. This decadent cheese is a smooth crust wrapped around a creamy and buttery center. When opened, the creamy interior appears with a soft taste. Don’t miss the chance to try truffle burrata pizza from Flour Italian Kitchen, burrata platter from In Forno Pizza or burrata salad from Il Venetian.


Grilled Fruit Skewers With Vanilla Greek Yogurt And Honey Described As Seasonal Fruits Stacked, Grilled And Topped With Vanilla And Honey Greek Yogurt. Pioneer is located at 2407 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland – Photography by Yadi Rodriguez, cleveland.com

Vegetable and fruit skewers

Skewers aren’t just for meat! A healthy and family-friendly snack, try the next skewer loaded with fruits or vegetables. For brunch, Yelp Elites love their grilled fruit skewers with Pioneer’s vanilla Greek yogurt and honey. For dinner, grab an eggplant or a shichito pepper skewer from Bar Oni Izakaya.

in Flores

Florisa Banana Bread located at 3328 W 33rd Street in Cleveland – Photo by Yadi Rodriguez, cleveland.com

banana bread

Banana bread brings the fall atmosphere around Cleveland with its sweet flavor and muted undertones. This rich food can accommodate any dietary restrictions to complete the perfect brunch. The Juneberry Table’s gluten-free banana bread is sure to be a popular lunch starter, while Floressa’s vegan banana bread is a delightfully instant plate.

LULO Kitchen & Juice Bar

Iced herbal tea with sage and lavender from LULO Kitchen & Juice Bar, located at 1273 W. 9th St. In Cleveland – Photograph by Yadi Rodriguez, cleveland.com

Iced herbal tea

As we transition into the seasons, herbs like sage, rosemary, lavender, mint, and more are having a moment of fall. You’ll want to sip Edda Coffee Roasters Rosella Tea made with hibiscus, lemon and licorice root, or Lulo Kitchen’s refreshing lavender and iced herbal tea.

Sushi Mizumi from Sora

Mizumi sushi from Sora – Photo courtesy of Lauren K., via Yelp

Steamed sushi

Abori sushi is grilled quickly with a blowing torch, resulting in a unique taste that is perfect for fall. Aburi translates to “flaming with flame” and comes in limitless opportunities for innovative dishes. In Sora, sushi mizumi is served with seared salmon and gold foil. At SASA, scorched island sushi features spicy toro and unagi sauce.

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