Capital CBD American Shaman, one of Austin’s top-rated CBD stores, uses proprietary nanotechnology to make products 9 times more bioavailable.

Austin, Texas – Capital CBD American Shaman brings wellness to Austin and surrounding areas with products derived from highly concentrated, terpene-rich CBD oil made from the highest quality industrial hemp. With specifications of 100% organic hemp, gluten-free, non-GMO, and high-performance affinity chromatography testing, the products contain no pesticides, pesticides, or heavy metals that affect public health. The store houses a team of professionals who are passionate about creating a warm and welcoming space. They break down the stigma surrounding CBD with the knowledge and skill emphasizing its benefits, dosages, and short/long-term effects.

“It feels luxurious as soon as you walk through the door. We’re more than just a CBD shop. Our employees understand CBD and are backed by the best CBD oil product. Not all CBD is created equal, and we can tell you why.” – The company’s representative.

Capital CBD American Shaman supports organic farms that grow non-GMO crops and understand the sustainability of hemp. Once harvested, the team uses molecular distillation, an automated extraction method that purifies and separates compounds by passing them through a column with heated and cooled zones. The extraction allows the terpenes to remain intact, ensuring high-quality, soluble products. Thanks to their proprietary nanotechnology that shrinks the size of CBD particles, the products have the best absorption rate on the market.

CBD’s effects result from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system to activate exogenous receptors and enzymes. Capital CBD American Shaman products give customers a feeling of wellness and alertness, eliminating mild, severe, or chronic pain. When cannabidiol interacts with the body, it maintains homeostasis, increases dopamine levels, activates serotonin, and improves sleep. It can promote a healthy immune system and relieve common health issues. Although the team does not make dosing recommendations, they do advise clients to use between 5-50 milligrams per day based on metabolism, age, sensitivity to CBD, health issues, body weight, or intended goal.

Capital CBD American Shaman carries Delta 8 hemp flower, Delta 9 edibles, HHC products, CBD cigarettes, Delta 8 vape and CBD vape products for customers who prefer to smoke. The flower comes loose or pre-rolled in different strains such as Pineapple Express, Bubble Strain, or Cherry Strain. Whether the customer prefers delicious, guilt-free snacks or a sweet treat, the store stocks CBD gummy slices, sublingual tablets, kettle popcorn, cookies, hard candy, and gum. Water-soluble CBD products focus on creating a better sleep, energy, and alertness experience for customers without dry mouth, dizziness, or grogginess.

CBD skin care products contain essential fatty acids to remove impurities from the skin and maintain a healthy glow. Capital CBD American Shaman is an austin based cbd store with body lotions, under eye serums, lip balms, massage oils, face creams, wraps, bath bombs, sunscreens, and so much more. Their skincare products contain less than 0.3% THC with no psychoactive effects, which is ideal for everyday use. In addition, the store carries CBD treats, tinctures, and water-soluble products for pets.

To shop the store, visit them at 8315 Burnett Rd Ste. C, Austin, Texas, 78757, United States. For any inquiries, call 512-386-1873 to speak to a representative.

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