Cat meme explained 4 dabloons of TikTok

Amidst cryptocurrency failures and bleeding Twitter employees, a meme about fake currency led by a cat is booming on TikTok. Much like the recent Tumblr throttle Goncharov (1973) Memes, “dabloon” jokes enamored a giant TikTok audience and became a collective part where people play spend and earn the fictional currency “dabloon”. Thousands have joined her, as her multiple videos have surpassed 1 million views.

These dabloon memes are hilarious and absurd in a way that defies easy interpretation. Still, I think it’s cool, and you should get in on the joke, too. So here’s dabloon’s feline TikTok meme trading trend, he explains.

What is the trend of TikTok dabloon?

It is a giant Internet-driven community role-playing phenomenon. Here’s how it works: You scroll through TikTok until you bump into a dabloon video. The video will use TikTok’s slideshow feature to flip through a series of images. Each of these images will display an item, and at the end a cat will offer or charge you for the items. You can easily identify a video, because it’s set to a fast-paced version of a track from the game Singing monsters.

Here’s an example: the video addresses you, the viewer, and offers you an item like hot chocolate. Then this black cat pops up and tells you it costs four dabloons. To be clear, there is no type of external site or entity that gives you dabloons. Every aspect is a fantasy and mainly depends on you, as a viewer, participating in the joke. One early example suggested one that took off four dabloons for soup.

Many videos are included in this article, but you will need the TikTok app to watch them. For that reason, I’ve also included a full slideshow below that TikTok user Randombrainrot posted Shown trading different bakery items in exchange for four dabloons.

Although dabloons are generally traded for other items, TikTok users have gotten creative and expanded on the thing. Now you can bump into videos that will relieve you of your debt. Others have posted videos where people are being mugged from dabloons.

What are dabloons?

“dabloon” is the currency of the fictional meme that is trending on TikTok. The original phrase and image come from a 2021 Instagram meme, according to Know Your Meme. It’s not really clear what dabloons actually are, but based on the original joke, dabloons likely refers to cat finger cereal. It might also be hype over the real-world historical currency “doubloons,” gold coins minted in colonial Spain. But I want to stress that this is not a cryptocurrency or anything, just a big joke.

Why do people talk about dabloons?

The joke — that we’re all trading these cats for fantasy currency to get fantasy items — has revolutionized TikTok. Know Your Meme attributes the origin of the joke to a few major posts that went off this past weekend. Now, more than 20,000 videos have used the trending audio clip, with the most popular videos surpassing 1 million views. In addition, people are expanding on the world and dabloon cat jokes in other ways. One person analyzed the dabloon market over the past few days with up to 1.2 million views, and another predicted a “great depression”. In another popular video, a guy shared a spreadsheet he created and tracked all his dabloon interactions.

I kept a playlist of my dabloon interactions as they appeared on my TikTok feed. I got into dabloon debt when a cat version of Tumblr sexyman Reigen Arataka, named Reigen Meowata, cost me 10 dabloons for legal services. However, another cat declared me debt-free after that so now I’m in bad shape. It’s like a role-playing game that intermittently pops into my main TikTok feed as I scroll. I laugh and make friends while I move and get out of dabloon debt and keep a running tally of the items I’ve acquired. It honestly reminds me a lot of an online role-playing game Blasball.

It’s really funny to see a fake currency based on a cat meme flourish after people question the value of cryptocurrencies. Many of the people who post videos about dabloons are female introducers, and that seems like an appropriate response to a culture that has probably taken a lot of cryptocurrency at their word.

But beyond reading, it’s just plain fun. I’m used to logging into Twitter and dealing with mean replies and messages to almost everything I put online, while scrolling mindlessly. dabloon cats provide a much-needed balm to the internet world that has been kind of sloppy lately. Now, my zombie TikTok scroll has been turned into a wait-and-see game that I can share with friends. It’s absurd. it is fun. Unfortunately, this cat will cost you a full 10 dabloons to read this article.

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