CBD pet products to help with the holidays!

The countdown to Turkey Day has begun. With additional people filling your home, your pup may become anxious about all the new faces and unfamiliar situations.

Help your furry family members enjoy all the holiday festivities without the uncomfortable effects that stress and anxiety can bring. Three Dog Bakery has all the soothing aids and CBD products to help your dog deal with the in-laws.

The Super Snouts Hemp Company chews hemp

Soothe your pet with the Super Snouts Hemp Company chewable hemp. Give them half a chew for every 25 pounds of weight 1-2 times a day. It’s great for all sizes of dogs and cats and can be a great treat to help them stay calm around lots of new faces.

Chewing helps maintain a normal disposition and emotional balance. It also supports calm during separation, travel, fireworks, and stress. It is great for pets that are showing nervousness, hyperactivity or exasperation.

Super Snouts Hemp Company CBD Peanut Butter

CBD peanut butter tastes great and provides calming effects for your pup. This will help them maintain a natural disposition and emotional balance that the holidays may have upset. It supports the normal inflammatory response, and in addition to providing a soothing attitude, it helps support and maintain normal overall health.

Suggested use is ½ tablespoon per 25 lbs. of weight 1-2 times per day. After opening it, keep the peanut butter stored in the refrigerator to maintain the perfect consistency.

Edibites Stress Relief Pets

These treats from Pet Releaf help with any stress your dog may be under during the holiday festivities. With 6mg of CBD per chew, they are sure to help your pet with any stress that may be showing up out of nowhere. Along with CBD, they use ingredients like baobab and chamomile to provide calm during times of intense stress. The great part about Pet Releaf products is that they are grown in the United States and use no pesticides or herbicides, so they are completely safe for your dog!

VetriScience calm chews

The change in routine surrounding the holidays can overwhelm your pet and cause anxiety. With more people in your home or being in a new environment when you go to visit family, your dog needs to stay calm and feel more comfortable. This is where VetriScience Chewers for Peace comes in. These chews provide calm for your pup during times of high stress, making them a great solution.

It works in 30 minutes and can last up to four hours. For a dog up to 50 lbs., take 1 chew. If your dog weighs 51 to 100 pounds, he should take two chews. A dog over 100 pounds should take three chews. Since the chewables are a supplement, it is safe to double or triple the dosage during times of high stress.

Looking for the perfect place to find soothing CBD products your pet will enjoy for the upcoming holidays? Stop by Three Dog Bakery today to check out their selection and pick some!

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