Celebrity chef Babette Davis has a message for Starbucks CEO about their plant-based milk supplement

In a new campaign to get Starbucks to ditch its non-dairy milk supplement, Babette Davis, a health-conscious 70-year-old chef and co-owner of the Stuff I Eat restaurant in Inglewood, Calif., has teamed up with Switch4Good to convey a message to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Source: Switch4Good/YouTube

In the video, Davis discusses the environmental impact of dairy, how easy it would be for Starbucks not to charge for plant-based milk, and how the markup fools those who are lactose intolerant, up to 80% of whom are lactose intolerant. Blacks and Latinx.

Starbucks themselves have even admitted that dairy products are their biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions and that their production requires a massive amount of water to use. On top of that, industrial dairy farms pollute waterways, destroy ecosystems and profit from the sexual exploitation of dairy cows and the kidnapping of their babies.

Switch4Good repeatedly called out Starbucks for their plant-based milk supplement and even issued a fake press release from Starbucks about how they would remove the supplement because it was a form of food racism. James Cromwell, a famous actor and animal rights activist, also made headlines recently when he decided to stick his hand at the counter of a Starbucks in New York to protest the surcharge.

“Starbucks knows this is the right thing to do, for its customers and for the planet,” said Dotsie Bausch, executive director of Switch4Good. “Since we targeted Starbucks, we have repeatedly raised issues of food racism and the environmental impact of dairy products, and it’s time for them to act like the progressive company they claim to be.”

People shouldn’t have to pay more for a product that’s better for their health, the environment and animals. Starbucks has already lowered its surcharge in other countries, so it should be able to do so in the United States as well. Please sign this petition to tell Starbucks to finally stop charging for their milk alternatives!

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