Chris Evans and Jenks are on a mission to make dog food healthier.

Chris Evans Collaborating with Jinx – the leading brand of dog nutrition – to bring better and healthier food to dogs.

Angels And the 27 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The brand has announced that the actor, entrepreneur and father of dogs will play an active role in the brand’s business and creative direction. It was Evans’ introduction to Jinx first as a customer, after searching for a safer brand for his best friend, Dodger. “I was thrilled to find Jinx—a food that Dodger loves to eat that I know is safe and healthy for him,” says Evans. “I am excited to join the company and help raise awareness of the company so that all dogs can have access to the highest quality food possible at an affordable price.”

In his role, Evans will be involved in brand strategy and marketing campaigns, including a commercial one launching later in the year.

This is just the beginning: Jinx aims to be a one-stop destination for all things dog health. Jinx recently closed a Series 1 funding round 28 million dollarsallowing the company to expand its product portfolio beyond the direct-to-consumer model and bring in notable investors including Halsey, Odell Beckham Jr.And the Zachary QuintoAnd the Trevor NoahAnd the Lily Singhand NAS and more.

Jinx is redefining dog nutrition by bringing better, healthier and tastier dog food across the country, already available at more than 2,000 Walmart websites and at Every Jinx product has a transparent approach to ingredients; Filled with real superfoods that are rich in nutrients and free of preservatives or fillers. Formulated by animal nutrition experts and approved by certified veterinarians, Jinx’s rigorous screening ensures dogs get the balanced nutrition they need, without anything they don’t need.

They are also expanding their audience in partnership with Evans: “We are thrilled to have Chris on our team. His leadership and love for his dog, make him a valuable addition to the Jinx leadership team,” he says. Sameer Mehta, co-founder of Jinx. “Our vision is to elevate the way we care for our dogs by providing excellent, clean nutrition at an affordable price.”

With this new addition to the team, Jinx is focused in the short and long term on making a huge impact difference in the lives of American dogs and their pet parents.

The entire range of Jinx Premium Pet products includes all natural food ($10.88USD 45.88), chews teeth limited ingredients ($8.97 USD)jerky, slow cooked ($4.98$9.48), top lids for freeze-dried meals ($9.99).


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About Jinx: Jinx is a healthy alternative to dog feed, using recipes packed with superfoods with functional ingredients to make treats, treats, chews, and toppings. Backed by science and rigorously tested, Jinx provides balanced options for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Founded by members of the founding team at Casper and backed by renowned investors, Jinx is more than just a dog food company: it’s the future of pet wellness. Learn more through And follow Jinx on Instagram Tweet embed.

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