Community Food Aid Festival aims to stock pantries and fill fridges

Music lovers unite! WBEZ, Suburban Unity Alliance, and Harmonica Dunn have joined forces to sponsor the first annual food aid festival for Oak Park Community Fridge, Beyond Hunger, A House in Austin, Austin Coming Together, Best of Proviso Township and Westchester Food Pantry. The event is scheduled to take place on July 22 and 23, and features two locations and multiple musical performances.

“As we continue to grow and evolve our business, tackling food insecurity has become the core of our mission,” said Anthony Clark, founder and director of Suburban Unity Alliance. “When families connect with us, it is generally related to food. All equity issues are interconnected and we want this event to support organizations that are doing a great job in our communities.”

Clarke and Donny Biggins, founder and talent buyer at Harmonica Dunn, hope to maximize concert attendance by keeping the event accessible both geographically and financially. As such, they perform at two locations, one in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood and one in Oak Park. Affordable everyday tickets for $25.

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