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Thiruvananthapuram: A special city council meeting held on Saturday to discuss the danger of stray dogs has decided to conduct inspections in pet stores, pet food and supplement stores in the coming days to ensure they are operating up to standards and dogs are properly vaccinated. The examinations will be carried out by the health wing of the Civil Authority.

Mayor S Arya Rajendran said the decision to conduct inspections at pet stores is part of a vaccination campaign for pet dogs within company boundaries that begins on Sunday. The three-day special campaign is to vaccinate pet dogs that were not vaccinated last year.

Pet dog vaccinations will be given from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 15 veterinary hospitals within the city limits. The mayor said the health squad will conduct inspections in hotels and slaughterhouses to make sure they don’t dump food waste and meat on the streets. The mayor said the company will also keep a tab on illegal slaughterhouses and take measures to shut them down.

According to Jamila Sridharan, Chair of the Permanent Health Committee, hotspots (places where at least 10 stray dogs gather) in all 100 wards will be identified to receive in the upcoming mass campaign from September 25 to November 1.

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Meanwhile, members of the opposition council said that all activities related to preventing the danger of stray dogs in the capital have been halted. The opposition also demanded the closure of illegal slaughterhouses and fast food joints that dump food and meat on the streets. Opposition leader MR Gopan alleged that the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program failed to sterilize the dogs. He further pointed out that there are many illegal slaughterhouses in the city, and the establishment should close them immediately.

“For the past nine months, no sterilization has been carried out at the Vandethadam Sterilization Centre. So how can the number of stray dogs be reduced? So the company must find a way to ensure that there are no stray dogs huddled together at intersections,” said Joban.

However, S. Saleem, chairman of the Standing Committee for Social Welfare, said sterilization of stray dogs is being done effectively. “A meeting should be held soon by the company with all stakeholders to come up with a lasting solution to prevent this risk,” he said.

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