Craving chicken tonight? 20 slow cooker chicken recipes

As the old business Since the 90s, we sometimes find ourselves saying: “I want chicken tonight!” But some of our favorite chicken dishes take a lot of time and effort, and it’s not always something available to us. So when time is of the essence, we call in the slow cooker to save dinner. Here are 20 slow cooker recipes to try the next time you crave chicken.

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Broccoli and cheddar soup

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Filled with chicken, cheese, broccoli, and potatoes, this soup is so soothing and satisfying in the colder months. But because this Delish recipe can be made in your slow cooker, you can do it all year round without needing to stand over a stove. If you love Panera’s broccoli and cheddar soup, you have to try this one.

buffalo wings

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Of course, we have to include Buffalo fenders in this list. We’d include them in any chicken slideshow, but especially this one, because Buffalo wings can be made in your slow cooker, at least partially. Spend with Pennies has a slow cooker recipe without a fryer which only requires about 10 minutes of cooking in the oven.

Chicken Alfredo

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Creamy and so comforting, making chicken alfredo can be a breeze with your slow cooker. And this version of Easy Chicken Recipes is made entirely in one pot – no need to boil the pasta! (Note: Yes, this Alfredo recipe does include heavy cream, and yes, we realize that’s not the authentic Italian way to prepare this dish…but it’s also not possible to do so). do in a slow cooker!)

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Chicken and broccoli

Chicken and broccoli

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Going out requires taking a lot more money out of your wallet, so put the phone down and grab your slow cooker instead. This chicken and broccoli recipe from Show Me the Yummy is cheaper and tastier than anything you can order, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen.

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Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings

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This slow cooker chicken and meatballs recipe from Spend with Pennies is so easy that we do it all the time—really! Simply put the chicken breast, onion and a mixture of cream of celery, cream of chicken, parsley, poultry seasoning and pepper in the slow cooker for four hours. Then mix in your veggies, add some cookie dough on top, cook for another hour, and enjoy!

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chicken hunter

chicken hunter

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This Italian classic is a hearty meal, as evidenced by its name – in Italian, football player means “hunter”, and this dish was first served to hungry hunters. It consists of chicken cooked in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes, onions and often peppers. This version of Well Plated by Erin also includes mushrooms!

Chicken Marsala

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Some chicken marsala recipes include butter or cream, but not this one from Well Plated by Erin, as using a slow cooker allows the sauce to thicken and reach the perfect consistency over time. Serve this wonderful marsala over pasta or crusty bread.

Chicken Parmesan

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If you were intrigued by the aforementioned Alfredo recipe but prefer a red sauce, we have the dish for you. This Slow Cooker Magic Chicken Parmesan combine chicken and sauce first, followed by pasta (which you’ll need to boil separately this time), then cheese on top. Chicken Parmesan without oven? Whether!

Chicken pot pie

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Chicken pot pie in the slow cooker? Won’t the crust get all soggy? Yes. Yes, it will. The trick is to prepare the filling – chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots and corn – in the slow cooker, then bake puff pastry cookies instead of the pie crust. For meal prep, we like to cook lots of filling ahead of time, then bake freshly baked cookies using refrigerated dough with each meal. Spend with Pennies recipe.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

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You may have had chicken tikka masala before, but have you ever eaten it from a slow cooker? Now is your chance, because you can easily prepare this Indian dish at home thanks to The Chunky Chef. Get ready to trash your spice rack, especially if you’re making your garam masala from scratch!

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Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken

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Instead of real honey mustard, this Slow Cooking Perfected recipe uses a combination of honey, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, garlic and Tabasco sauce. Top your chicken with the sauce, cook over low heat, add a mixture of cornstarch and water and cook over high heat to finish.

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Lemon garlic chicken

Lemon garlic chicken

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If you have chicken and lemons on hand, you might have everything you need to this lemon garlic chicken from Tasty. The remaining ingredients – garlic, oregano, thyme, rosemary and a chicken stock cube – are hopefully already in your spice cabinet.

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Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

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Sandwiches are our favorite use for BBQ pulled chicken, but you can also eat it on its own (with sides, of course), in tacos, over mac and cheese, or even on pizza. Cooking shredded chicken in a slow cooker can be as simple as putting chicken in a pot and adding barbecue sauce, but this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen has a bit more substance.

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Roast chicken

Roast chicken

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Slow cookers are so big you can fit a whole chicken in them, so why not just cook the chicken that way? Damn Delicious will distribute the details for this dish, which only requires celery, carrots, onions, a mix of common seasonings, and 4-5 hours in the slow cooker. Do you like your chicken crispy? Grill everything for 4 to 5 minutes.

Salsa Chicken

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Imagine this: you’ve thawed chicken breast overnight, you wake up in the morning, but you don’t even have time to think about dinner plans. Our solution? Throw the chicken in the slow cooker, add a little salsa and put it on low heat. Eight hours later, your Chicken Salsa will be ready for any number of uses – tacos, quesadillas or just over rice – and you’ll have more time to unwind after work. You probably don’t need a recipe, but here’s one from Gimme Some Oven In case.

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sticky chicken wings

sticky chicken wings

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tortellini soup

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This one is kind of like chicken noodle soup, except the noodles are actually those little cheesy pockets of heaven known as tortellini. Carrots, celery, onion and some spices play a supporting role in this recipe from Dinner at the Zoo.

tortilla soup

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Full of flavor and texture, this tortilla soup from Spend with Pennies is a collaboration of chicken, corn, tomatoes, black beans, jalapenos, cilantro, garlic, and onion, and can be prepared almost entirely in your slow cooker. The exception: you’ll still need your pan to fry the crispy tortilla strips!

tuscan chicken

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With just 10 minutes of prep, you can cook juicy chicken breasts in a creamy sauce flavored with garlic, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan. Such a simple meal can only be prepared in a slow cooker, which is exactly the case for this Tuscan chicken from The Recipe Rebel. Try it over pasta!

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Chilli chicken breast

Chilli chicken breast

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Here’s a hearty, filling chili with no tomatoes in sight. This Chicken White Chili from The Chunky Chef instead offers Great Northern beans, whole grain corn and diced green chiles in a creamy broth made with half and half cheese and cream cheese.

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