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The Creatures are small animals that roam freely through the different locations and worlds in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Learn how to get close to each animal and recruit mates in Dreamlight Valley with this Critters guide. This guide is part of our Collections section and compiles a list of all eight different creatures that can be found in Dreamlight Valley, along with five (sometimes six) different colors.

Below, you’ll also find everything you need to know about locating each critter, as well as their favorite foods. Looking for something in particular? Click the links below to go to…


How to feed the creatures

When you get close to the creatures in Dreamlight Valley, you will have the opportunity to feed them snacks in return dream fragments (when feeding them their favorite food) and the ability to do so Open companionswhich is basically the closest thing to owning your own a pet It will follow you as you explore the different locations and worlds that the game has to offer.

It is important to keep in mind that only creatures can be fed Once every day.

As you might expect, not every creature is keen on human contact, so to feed each animal, you’ll need to Plan your curriculum strategicallyespecially since then Two different types From every creature everywhere every day. Each creature must be handled differentlywith how to deal with it detailed below.

In addition, every creature in Dreamlight Valley also has its own favorite food that it prefers. When you feed the animals these items – found within their biomes – not only will you complete foraging tasks that will earn you Dreamlights, but you’ll also earn additional rewards in the form of Dream Shards.


How to feed squirrels their favorite food

Squirrels are found roaming the Plaza, and are among some of the friendliest creatures you’ll encounter in Dreamlight Valley. Squirrels are easily accessible Not They flee from you when approaching unless they have already been fed inside last 24 hours.

How to feed rabbits their favorite food

Rabbits are more skittish and will continually run away from you when you first approach them. However, don’t let their antics deter you; instead, Chase them. As the saying goes, the third time is the charm, as in Third attemptThey will finally settle down and allow you to interact with them.


If you are looking for completeFeed the rabbits their favorite foodMission, you want to feed them carrots. Carrots can be bought from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow or simply grown from seeds you’ll get from removing Night Thorns all over the Plaza.

How to feed sea turtles their favorite food

Often swimming along the water’s edge at Dazzle Beach, sea turtles are particularly shy creatures who hide inside their shells when approached. However, when she recedes into her shell, wait a few moments, and she will soon appear, giving you the opportunity to feed her.

Sea turtle’s favorite food seaweedthat could be Found along the shores Dazzle Beach or near any water source.

How to feed foxes their favorite food


Like rabbits, foxes will run away from you at first when you first approach them. As a result, you will need to chase these shy creatures several times until they finally stop and allow you to approach them.

Otters prefer fish as one of their ideal snacks, with white sturgeon being their favourite. White sturgeon can often be caught from the orange/golden fishing spots seen in Frosted Heights.

How to feed raccoons their favorite food


Raccoons are skittish creatures that will flee from you when you approach them too quickly. To properly approach raccoons, you’ll want to move toward them only when they’re looking down. They will quickly dart away if you move while they are alert, which is indicated by having their heads in the air. Getting close to a raccoon isn’t easy, so don’t be deterred if it takes several tries before you succeed.

Blueberries are the raccoon’s favorite food It can be found in the bushes inside Courage Forest or along Dazzle Beach.

You will first need to clear the main bridge of logs in order to reach the raccoons that are roaming in this forest of courage. This can only be done after receiving the Shovel Blade upgrade, which is obtained during the Anna Quest welcome unlocked via the Frozen Realm.

How to feed crocodiles their favorite food

Much like raccoons, alligators are shy creatures that will flee if you approach them too quickly. The key to approaching crocodiles is to only move towards them when they are looking down. They will quickly dart away if you move while they are alert with their head in the air.

Lobsters are the favorite food of crocodiles, which can be caught when fishing from the Glade of Trust’s goldfishing sites.


How to feed sunbirds their favorite food

Despite their fast speed, Sunbirds are surprisingly friendly creatures, so if they haven’t already approached you first, chase them, and they will eventually stop, allowing you to get close to them.

When feeding the Sunbirds, be sure to collect some Houseleek flowers from the Sunlit Plateau, as they are their favorite food.

How to feed crows their favorite food


The Ravens’ favorite food at Disney Dreamlight Valley is any 5-star meal. Feeding the critters is a bit extravagant, but it seems to be the only food they prefer. We fed them Bouillabaisse, Ranch Salad, and Ratatouille, all of which yielded the same result.

Crows have five different colours: blue, brown, classic (black), red and white. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in food preferences based on color.

When you feed Raven a 5-star meal, she will drop a Bag of Motif as a reward. This gives you a random idea, which are stickers that can be used when personalizing clothes. If you’re a Disney Dreamlight Valley fanatic, farming Ravens is a solid way to build up your ornament inventory.

How to get creature mates

Getting a mate is fairly simple, as all you need to do is Feed the same type of critter – any food will do – twice.

Unfortunately, it’s important to note that creatures can only be fed once every 24 hours, so it can take several days to get a mate, as the creatures that appear in each location will vary daily.


After, after Feed a specific creature type twice, they will be opened via your group history. Once opened, Visit the wardrobe menu And the Select a companion. Here you will find all the creatures that are available to track you.

All the creatures in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

You can interact with the creatures by getting close to them and giving them the food they like. As a general rule, a creature will enjoy a food item that grows in the biome it belongs to.

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