Desserts is a high-profile mix of old-fashioned and modern sweets in downtown Wadsworth

    Lillian Turano, owner of the vintage sweet shop, Sweets on High, stands inside the recently opened shop in Wadsworth.

Candy store owner Lillian Turano has always loved sweets. In fact, when she was five years old, she ate all the candy canes that were about height from her family’s Christmas tree.

“I was getting into trouble, actually,” said Turano, whose mother’s name, by the way, is Candy Group. “I love anything sweet.”

Now she is the owner of the old candy store Sweets on High, which opened on October 1 in Wadsworth. Her goal is to bring back an old-fashioned candy store to downtown, similar to the former closet Caroline used to take her children to when they were little.

“We wanted to bring that old-fashioned, downtown feel to Wadsworth,” she said.

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