Detroit City Council to consider new food safety law in restaurants

The Detroit city council has not yet determined whether restaurants will be required to post food safety compliance labels, but officials are bringing the discussion back to the committee’s table this week.

The city council has debated and postponed the vote several times over whether restaurants should be required to post color-coded signs indicating their compliance status, similar to New York’s message rating system, with some officials claiming the city is ready, while others are lobbying against it. 3 District Council member Scott Benson spearheaded the proposed law, which would not only require appointments but at least add other Detroit Health Department inspectors.

The city agreed to increase $200,000 in annual funding for the Department of Health to hire additional inspectors. Officials on September 13 were still conflicting about passing the law and pushed it to the Standing Committee on Public Health and Safety at 10 a.m. Monday for further discussion. The meeting can be viewed online.

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