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  • Salt & Straw Ice Cream
  • Abbot Kinney, Larchmont, Downtown Disney District, Pasadena, and other places
  • The Deviled Egg Custard w/ Smoked Black Tea is part of the Summer Picnic Series, available at scoop stores for a limited time

We won’t tell you about the next topic, because we know you know the following truth: ice cream often relies on a certain breakfast superstar to give it both weight and punch.

No, we’re not even kidding, uh, because eggs have played a famous role in an assortment of cold, cream-style confections over the years.

But in fact, create an ice cream that is inspired by an unusual egg dish, a singularly tasty creation, a little tart, sometimes spicy, and not at all sweet?

It takes a thrill of whimsical fun, which Salt & Straw brings to its limited-time Summer Picnic ice cream series.

There are five so whimsical and hot flavors on the artisan ice cream company’s lineup, with Honey Cinnamon Fried Chicken, Nocino Chocolate Cherry Pie, Pink Rose Watermelon Sorbet and a brie and fig cheesecake. the al fresco gourmet feels.

But it’s the Deviled Egg Custard w/ Smoked Black Tea that may get ice cream lovers talking, because eggs, essential to ice cream though they are frequently, rarely get top marks beyond the offerings. eggnog-type seasonal foods.

Yes, the stuffed egg, this mainstay of the picnic, is the surprise guest of honor here.

But wait: is ice cream really full of chopped deviled eggs?

Well, no, but we can see why you might imagine such a thing for a moment.

After all, the stuffed egg itself is a stuffed fancy, thanks to the fact that the cooked yolk is removed, after boiling, whipped with condiments and spices, and then returned to its origin, the concave part of the egg white .

As for what’s in this original ice cream?

“We started with an egg yolk custard topped with Kala Namak, an umami-rich black salt mined near the base of the Himalayas, sprinkled with smoked tea-infused shortbread crumbs (a fun way to mimic the classic bacon filling)”, reveals the Salt & Straw team on its site.

Steven Smith Teamaker is a partner on this tangy creation.

But in the same way that deviled eggs can disappear from a picnic platter in minutes, if a crowd of deviled egg lovers are nearby, the Summer Picnic Series ice creams won’t be around for long.

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