Digimon makes the anime question “Is Pokémon food” worse?

Pokémon has struggled to answer the question of whether people eat its monsters, which was exacerbated by the ease with which Digimon handled this problem.

One of the most pressing questions about the world Pokemon Anime is whether or not pokemon is eaten as food – and Digimon newly made PokemonHis position on the query is worse. The Pokemon The anime has wiggled around this question quite a bit over the years, with early episodes showing iconic characters hungry for it Pokemon appetite. DigimonHowever, It provides a better example of how franchising can somehow avoid uncomfortable questions Pokemon It is still not more than two decades old.

While Digimon Technically started before Pokemon Using a virtual pet game, the following animated series was created PokemonRunaway success, which led to natural comparisons between the two franchises. While Digimon It never came close to the breadth and popularity of all Pokemon The world of media and promotion, like recent Pokemon Legends Arceus Incidentally, its animated series has received favorable comparisons to Pokemon Due to its more sequential, character-driven stories. In this way, the seemingly silly question of how to use a file Pokemon And the Digimon The source of their worlds Meat helps show how different the two franchises are in developing their universes.

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The Pokemon The animation frequently shows meat-eating characters, but there is no indication where they came from. While early episodes of the series had Earth-like animals in addition to Pokémon, they were gradually phased out as the number of Pokémon increased, with an equivalent Pokémon apparently being found for every real animal created in the end. There are some early implications in the anime that some Pokémon are eaten: Ash and Brock fantasize at one point about cooking Magikarp, and Farfetch’d describe in red pokemon And the blue The bird is described asDelicious. ” DigimonHe, on the contrary, was quick to create his own world.”meat farms– Draw the final line between Digimon themselves and Digimon cattle of the universe.

There is something about the simplistic and familiar nature of Pokemon The world makes it a popular subject for unrealistic theories that often turn dark, and the issue of eating Pokémon is no exception. YouTuber Brian David Gilbert has recorded a video that ranks Pokémon by validity. However, the developers and heads of the series were often keen on these questions. In an interview with GameInformer, GameFreak producer Junichi Masuda declined to give a definitive answer:

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables in the Pokémon world. There is also a variety of different snacks and desserts, and what comes from different regions. The world of Pokémon is more technologically advanced than ours, so there are probably a lot of different foods that we can’t even think of.

more modern Pokemon The media that most people in Pokemon The universe is vegetarian or vegan, but eating Pokemon is not explicitly ruled out. By contrast, the Digimon franchise clearly eliminates this possibility. In seasons like Digimon Adventure And the tamersDigimon is part of a separate digital world that interacts with the world as we know it. Since Digimon coexist with real animals, there is no need for them to become food, if such a thing is possible. While Digimon is shown eating meat inside the “Digiverse”, this can be interpreted as food that has been digitally created and not harvested from living things. Video games like Digimon Cyber ​​Soloth to appear”meat farms“Where the lumps of bone grow into the flesh outside the earth.

Understand why Pokemon The franchise does not want to delve into the question of Pokemon meat. Presumably, her young audience doesn’t want to think about their favorite Pokémon dying and ending up on the dinner plate. But Digimon It shows how easy this question is to tackle, which makes it even weirder Pokemon He never gave a definitive answer. part of the case PokemonHer insistence on maintaining a relatively consistent universe across all of her games and game series, while most Digimon The events of the series take place in their own and distinctly different worlds. Pokemon And thus stuck with improvised streaks often in early games and episodes that refer to another world, often much darker than what it ended up with. The result is that Pokemon He seems uncomfortable with his own suggestion that his creatures are meat, but Digimon It shows that there are many simpler ways to deal with this strange topic.

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