Disney fans criticize lackluster and overrated ‘prison food’ at theme parks

Customers at Disneyland and Disney World are obsessing over overpriced and expensive food rations at theme parks – some have even described the meals as “disgusting filth” and “prison food.”

Someone posted an official ad for a $16.99 Disney World lobster roll, which shows it overflowing with refrigerated, juicy lobster meat in a bed of crisp greens.

Besides, the guest, who called herself Marilyn, posted an unappetizing photo of what she actually got — a hot dog bun whipped with a tablespoon of dried lobster meat on top of half a lettuce leaf.

After she complained, the blog said a Disney employee “brought her an extra lobster roll to make up for the portion size.” “But unfortunately, Marilyn said the second sandwich was just as bad as the first.”

The uproar began, according to Disney blog Inside The Magic, after CFO Kristen McCarthy said late last year that the company would begin “reducing portions” at Disney Parks restaurants, claiming they would “be good for guests’ waistlines.”

Picture of what I got at one dinner when I ordered a $17 Disney lobster roll. An angry customer spoke on social media about a small portion of lobster meat.
Marilyn Real
Advertisement for Disney lobster roll.
Disney advertises that the $17 lobster roll will look like the photo above.

In fact, the food simply went down even as portions shrunk, according to customers. Another angry Disney World guest posted a photo of a bowl of penne, which included three wilted meatballs.

This was $12. The customer wrote they don’t believe in sauce apparently.

One fan replied, “I’ve had microwave meals that look better.”

Another wrote: “Wow, I wouldn’t pay $12 for that.”

“Sounds like prison food,” another rang, while another called it “nasty filth.”

Another user commented: “Well, considering 20 ounces of Coke costs $6, $12 for this dish sounds right.”

Penne and Meatballs
This is what a $12 Penne and Meatballs look like at Disney World, according to a restaurant.
reddit / chmg11

Another guest revealed how the company has skimped on Mickey beignets, which cost $5 for three fried Mickey Mouse head donuts.

“WTF Disney, you weren’t kidding about chopping parts,” one park-goer wrote of the beignets that looked hollow.

An order from Mickey Beignets as announced by Disney.
An order from Mickey Beignets as announced by Disney.
hollow beignet
One guest revealed how Disney eliminated Mickey’s little cut-outs, showing off their hollow insides.
Reddit / Effective_Mud_5565

Others have posted pictures of prize-fixed appetizers like a salad made of a few shredded lettuce leaves and some halved cherry tomatoes and radishes. The cheese board and charcuterie had only one cube and one wedge of cheese next to a rolled slice of prosciutto with dried crackers and some unidentifiable spreads.

According to the Disney blog, one of the managers said the meager portions were “not due to Disney’s cost cuts,” but instead “due to supply chain issues.”

In both cases, customers have been aware of the price hikes at Disney World and Disneyland and service cuts since CEO Bob Chuckle took over.

A pre-installed salad at Disney theme parks.
An award-winning salad at Disney parks.
ITM Rebekah B.

Disney, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, has raised prices to make up for lost business.

Late last year, Disney said it would increase ticket prices at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California, this year, noting that the price of the popular one-day ticket would rise 6.5% to $164 for admission to one park, while two jump. A one-day park pass will cost $319, up about 9%.

The meat and cheese board at Disney parks is served as part of the “Be Our Guest” set menu price.
Reddit / UnderwhelmingPickle

According to Inside the Magic, ice cream prices have been raised. Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich and Chocolate-covered Premium Bar rose from $5.69 to $5.99

At Disney World’s Ale & Compass, the New England Seafood Pot Pie increased to $28 from $25, while Brick’s Lemon-Herb half chicken jumped to $24 from $22. The park’s watering hole, Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace, has raised cocktail prices from $2 to $3 a drink, with the restaurant’s signature Nautilus cocktail now priced at a whopping $35.

On the merchandise front, Walt Disney World News Today reported that many items at the Florida-based park are seeing increases of between $5 and $15. The Miss Piggy Backpack, released a year ago for $80, is now $95. Price for Mickey’s $10 earbuds jumped to $39.99, while Monsters Inc.’s water bottle soared. By $5 to $29.99.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has raised prices to make up for lost business during the pandemic.

In response, customers cast their votes on Reddit and other social media platforms, pledging to move their business elsewhere.

“If you’re the type of person who budgets or saves for the holidays, Disney Parks is no longer for you,” an angry customer wrote on Reddit earlier this year. an act. “This is an outstanding physical experience, and there are plenty of wealthy families nationally and internationally to afford it indefinitely.”

Another lamented his recent experience at Disney World, adding, “Until now, I haven’t thought about paying the prices because I’ve been able to justify it with what we were getting, or at least in the memories we made. In a way, I’ve never felt full when tapped. But I finally reached my breaking point.”

Disney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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