Do Krispy Kreme’s new donuts taste like candy from ice cream trucks?

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crisp Kreme has already wowed us this summer with its amazing ability to pivot to donut flavored soft serve ice cream. Now the brand is taking a bit of the opposite approach 😛uh a press release sent to The takeawayin newest sound collaboration with Popsicle and Good Humor, Krispy Kreme has released three limited-time albumsonly donuts inspired by three classic ice cream truck treats: the Donut inspired by firecrackers, the Donut inspired by Vanilla King Cone, and the Donut inspired by Creamsicle. Ice cream-inspired donuts sounded like a really good idea to us. Does it work in practice?

Notice that Krispy Kreme takes a cautious approach to this linedescribing each donut offering as “inspired” by its popsicle counterpart. Include the word “inspired” in each of the donuts the names are not exactly Inspire a lot of confidence in how well they will mimic the taste of real ice cream truck treats. However, I had to at least give Krispy Kreme the chance to prove me wrong. (Spoiler: It doesn’t.)

I have two immediate biases that I need to disclose before getting into this sweet-sweet taste test. The first one: I don’t like donuts filled with cream, and all three of these donuts are filled with cream. Second, I have never been a big fan of classic OC-rangeRamsicle ice cream truck treat; in case you missed it, the Creamsicthe entered second-at-last place in our rankings. The priorities of this taste test are first to determine how much these donuts evoke nostalgia for the ice cream truck treats they are “inspired” by, then, sure, how delicious they are in donuts.

3. Firecracker Inspired Donut

I consider the Firecracker popsicle one of the most iconic popsicle deals you can get from anyone ice cream truck; because of that, this donut had the biggest challenge in meeting expectations. Unfortunately, the red, white, and blue frosted donut fell short.

The press release describes this offer as “An Original Glazed® donut with Popsicle Firecracker-inspired glaze, dipped in blue raspberry sugar, then topped with dollops of flavored Popsicle Firecracker-inspired Kreme™.” Once again, the word “inspired” seems to be used to mitigate the possibility that the donut might disappoint a real firecracker. lover-and it definitely is.

In an attempt to create the same red, white and blue color palette of the real popsicleKrispy Kreme has overloaded this donut with frosting. This is just too sweet to take more than one bite, and each color of frosting makes not have a distinct flavor like the different colors of the Fpopsicle firecracker make. Blue raspberry sugar provided only the faintest hint of raspberry while the rest of the donut was just a mouthful of soft, pasty sugar.

2. Vanilla King Cone Inspired Donut

The press release describes the Vanilla King Cone-inspired donut as one that isfilled with Kreme™ vanilla custard, dipped in chocolate frosting and topped with a mixture of sugar cone pieces and chopped peanuts with a drizzle of chocolate frosting.“It’s very similar to The real Vanilla King Cone from Good Humor, which consists of a vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone, a chocolate coating, and roasted peanuts on top.

It’s probably the easiest of the three ice cream truck treats to embody in donut form, but there was one detail that put this donut in second place. The combination of the chocolate coating, peanuts, and the cream filling felt very close to what a real royal cone would provide, but the sugar cone pieces are what brought that down. They felt like they were gone stale in a humid environment, far too soft and an insult to the crunch of real sugar cones.

Our tasters all agreed that if the cone pieces had contained a real crunch (rather than disintegrating on your tongue like freeze-dried astronaut ice cream), this donut would have ranked higher.

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1. Creamsicle Inspired Donut

I hate to admit it, but by the standards of this particular taste test, Krispy Kreme’s Creamsicle-inspired donut was the winner. While it’s crispy watering was useless, the citrus flavor paired with the cream filling was instantly recognizable as a game on the Creamsicle.

As someone who is not the biggest fan of fruit ice cream bar, even I must say that the flavors lived up to what was expected. This donut did exactly what it set out to do, which was to remind the consumer of past summers lick a popsicle in the Warmth next to Good Mood a truck.

We have always appreciated an attempt at nostalgia. Krispy Kreme has undertaken an ambitious task, with mixed results. True imitations of ice cream? Just one in three. Simply delicious treats? Two out of three. These donuts are available for the next three weeks, so be sure to grab some and let us know your thoughts.

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