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Did you know you can buy exercise equipment for your dog?

There are actually a range of different types of dog exercise equipment to help keep your dog active in the home, from agility training sets to interactive games. They can be very useful for extracting your pup’s energy when you are not able to take him out for a walk (like it’s very rainy outside!).

We spoke to Dr. Jamie Wittenberg, veterinarian at Senior Tail Waggers, to learn about the best dog exercise equipment to help keep your pup in shape.

What can dogs use exercise equipment for?

Exercise equipment can make your dog excited to work out because he will be using some fun new tools. It’s also useful for indoor exercise on those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, as your dog still needs physical activity even when it’s snowing (or it’s super hot).

“Indoor exercise equipment can be useful in very cold or hot climates to enable dogs to get the exercise they need when they can’t go outside,” Dr. Wittenberg told The Dodo.

Some exercise equipment can be useful for dogs who are older or recovering from injuries and also need physical therapy or low-impact exercise. If you have an older dog or your puppy has an injury, you should speak to your vet first to make sure you find the right exercise for them.

Best dog exercise equipment

Dog exercise equipment doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be your puppy’s toys that keep him active. But you can also get more comprehensive equipment, such as a dog treadmill, if you have a very active puppy.

“The simplest form of dog exercise equipment is play,” said Dr. Wittenberg. “Balls, ropes, and a flying saucer can be used to make exercise time playtime for your dog.”

Here are some of the best dog exercise equipment you can buy.

How much exercise does a dog need?

The amount and type of exercise your dog needs depends on a few factors, including their age, breed, size, and health, according to Dr. Wittenberg.

“As a general rule, most dogs should be active (playing, walking, jogging) for 30 minutes to an hour per day,” Dr. Wittenberg said. “Many working and athletic breeds will require much more, and some smaller breeds or dogs with health conditions may require even less.”

Why do dogs need exercise?

Just like people need exercise to stay healthy, dogs also need it to stay in shape.

“Exercise increases muscle mass, helps dogs keep fit, builds healthy joints and improves heart and lung function,” said Dr. Wittenberg.

Exercising your dog every day will also prevent him from getting bored. If your puppy is bored, he may find ways to entertain himself, such as chewing on things he shouldn’t (like your shoes or furniture).

“Dogs require exercise, not only for their physical health, but also for their mental well-being,” Dr. Wittenberg said. “Exercise is also important as a mental stimulus to keep dogs happy and avoid boredom.”

All puppies need exercise, but you don’t always need to go outside to do so. With these tools, you’ll be prepared to meet your pup’s physical needs no matter the weather.

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