Douglas County Madi: A couple excellent herds of pet turkeys; Bakery fined for not sticking to its name – Superior Telegram

November 24, 1947

Monoxide fumes almost beat a deer hunter

City ambulance firefighters administered oxygen Monday evening to Joseph Rochon, 30, of 321 John Avenue, who was partially overcome by car fumes while returning home from a deer hunting trip with three buddies.

The victim was traveling with Francis Rochon, 608 Banks Avenue, who also had as passengers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer, 323 Cumming Avenue. On examination by the police and city ambulance staff, it was found that these three had no bad symptoms from the ride except that Mrs. Spencer had a slight headache.

An ambulance crew was called to Rochon’s home at 6:08 pm where they found Joseph Rochon overcome with monoxide fumes. They took the victim home and gave him pure oxygen for five minutes with a resuscitator before he returned to normal.

November 25, 1952

Eight dollars fired by hunters

Reports continued to come in on Tuesday from deer hunters doing good in the woods.

According to hunting reports, deer were not very abundant. However, bears seem to be fairly plentiful. A group of local hunters came home from the day’s catch with a medium sized “mama” bear and two cubs they shot Tuesday afternoon in the Port Wing area. Pictured, from left to right, are Nick Nomi, Eno Rantala, Eno Mackey, Howard Kehanan, Ernest Rantala, Ralph Nomi and Philip Mackey. Walter Boch was also in the hunting party. The Three Bears are shot by Ino Maki. November 26, 1952 telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

The eight-point bit tipped the scales at 230 pounds by 8:30 a.m. Saturday after being shot by John A. Nelson, Hawthorne. He put the animal down near his home.

George Williams, 1213 Hammond Ave. , also dropped an eight-point buck about three miles from Hawthorne Sunday morning. He weighed 175 lbs.

November 26, 1947

Healthy, ‘unhealthy’ bakery worker, gets sentencing

Lewis A. Handlovsky, 50, operator of The Healthy Bakery at 1515 North Fifth Street, was sentenced to six months in federal prison by federal judge Patrick T. Stone because his bakery did not live up to its name.

Appearing before Judge Stone in Wausau late Tuesday, the chief baker has been charged — for the second time — with violating the Pure Food and Drug Act for unsanitary conditions at the bakery where he works.

Six men were fined for violating the Laws of the Game

Six rural hunters paid fines in municipal court late Tuesday and Wednesday morning totaling $124 after pleading guilty to charges of violating state game laws.

William Bora, 49, acknowledged W. Au Doig, 31, and George Lindquist, 44, all of South Ring and Tom Hamm, 24, and Richard Lillianburg, 22, both of Hayward, pleaded guilty to one count of carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle. Each man paid a $14 fine. Borah, Doig, and Lindquist are arrested in Highland Township, while Hamm and Lillianburg are arrested in Wascot Township.

November 27, 1952

Pets spare an ax

Although it seemed that Mr. and Mrs. Turkey were tempted to prepare them for the dinner plate, it was all a ruse. Mrs. Orrin Sletten, 6614 John Ave. , left, coaxes a pet bird to stand while her brother-in-law, Mrs. George Sletten, 2020 Wisconsin Ave., looks on.


Although it seemed that Mr. and Mrs. Turkey were tempted to prepare them for the dinner plate, it was all a ruse. Mrs. Orrin Sletten, 6614 John Ave. , left, coaxes pet birds to stand while her son-in-law looks on. Mrs. George Sleten, 2020 Wisconsin Ave.. November 27, 1952 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

While hundreds of turkeys were prepared for celebrations in stately homes, the Slettens-owned Ma and Pa Turkey was spared the axe. They are kept to raise a family. Oren Sletten, co-owner of a miniature turkey farm, made such a pet bird out of it that he said he wouldn’t kill it to eat it if he never tasted turkey again.

In aviculture, Slettens has had some interesting experiences.

The turkeys were obtained when they were about five days old. Mr. Slyten kept it in the house. This was only possible because his wife was in the hospital at the time. When she came home and saw what was happening, she said humorously, the turkeys came out into the yard. That was not all.

Having hung several storm windows one day in the backyard, Mr. Slyten went into the house for a while and when he came again to the windows the putty had dislodged the two hurlers.

November 28, 1947

Only one child was registered for Thanksgiving in the city

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hawes, at 512 St Weeks, had a particularly good reason to be thankful Thursday because they were the parents of a son who was born at St. Mary’s Hospital that day.

The couple was also marked by the birth of the president’s only child that day. The baby was born at 10:52 am

The executioner was injured in a train accident

North Railroad switchman Frank Welter, 25, Mabel, sustained an ankle injury Friday morning while working the railroad’s upper yards.

Those present at St Mary’s Hospital described his condition as “good” and said he had sprained his left ankle between two railway cars. X-rays were taken and she showed no sign of a fracture.

November 28, 1952

The police are looking for the lover who took the chair

Friday police were looking for Habib.

Morris Lowry, 1208 Tower Ave., reported that sometime Wednesday afternoon, a black and gold love seat was taken from the back of the store.

He said it was in a large carton that was unpacked in the back of 1208 Tower Ave.

The love seat was a special kind and worth $95, Lowry said. It was specially ordered for a client, according to Lowry.


Sixteen Central High School students became new members of the Coquina Club at a formal initiation ceremony at Hammond Avenue Presbyterian Church. The new members above, left to right, seated on the floor, Janice Miller and Donna James; seated, middle row, Norma Johnson, Donna Smith, Charlene Christianson, Julie Ann Osiel, Shirley Wake, Lois Ness, Mary Springer, Marjorie Bergstrom and Marianne Ofstad; Standing, Virginia Yoder, Miss Adeline Gabris, Club Counselor, Marilyn Rasmussen, Bonnie White, Joyce Kirsten and Dorothy Nollette. November 28, 1952 telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Maple hunter killed

Eric Lustari of Maple was shot and killed early Friday afternoon while hunting deer on Cloverland Road north of Maple, according to the district attorney’s office. A bullet struck his right chest to death. He was fishing at the time with John Levamba, it was reported. It was said that Levamba had just shot a deer at the time Lustari was shot. It was reported that Luostari was within 100 feet of the animal.


Emil Tahtinen of Nakoma Gardens went hunting Saturday and came home with a 200-pound bear, which he shot near Morrison Road and Dutchman Creek a few miles or so from his home. Bill Salveson helped him drag the animal a mile back to his car. Two bullets killed him in the neck. Mrs. Tehtinen and son Ronald pictured with the bear. November 25, 1952 telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

112522.N.ST Basketball 1.jpg

Ted Burg, 5-8 senior guards, is one of the shorter shortsmen in town, but he’s well capable of carrying a good share of the load for the sky-high Eastern Easts. His terms of reference – payroll and defense. November 25, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

112522.N.ST Basketball 2.jpg

Again giving opponents trouble on the basketball court is Cathedral High guard Ray Birch, who excels in both the sport of the net and in the cage game. He ranked as the highest scoring among city prep nets last season, and last year he was fourth in the top ten cage players with 216 points per game over 12 on average. November 25, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram


Soloists at the Central High School Orchestra’s Fourth Annual Concert Tuesday night will appear in the auditorium under the direction of William Keeler, from left to right, Arlette Killonen, violinist, and Priscilla Anderson, cellist. November 25, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram


Among those appearing at the Central High School Orchestra’s Fourth Annual Concert, from left to right, will be Louis Mayer, Marilyn Reed, and Marilyn Schaub. William Keeler will conduct the orchestra. November 25, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram


Students of a Commercial Art class, Central High School, enlarged the TB Christmas Seal poster to make a large-format poster that is currently displayed in the window at Water, Light & energy company. Pictured, left to right, are Donald Anderson, Thomas Sullivan and Thomas Branly who made the poster under the direction of Tony Yawerski. November 25, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram


Under the direction of Miss Selma Swanstrom, the girls’ athletic coach, gym classes at Superior East High School hold a football tournament, with the ninth grade emerging as champions. All management tasks were done by the girls themselves. The judges are Donna Trippi, Jeanine Converse, Janice DeMars, and Avis Thomas. Markers and scorers are Marjorie Merrill, Donna Noonan, Donna Munning, and Jan Soderlund. Shown above, first row, from left to right, the football heroes are Bernice Clausen, Betty Gudilias, Barbara Cummings, Alice Armitage (Captain), Lillian Leyland, Marie Pasternak, Jo Ann Johnsky; Back row, Mary Ellen Waldum, Carol Peterson, Georgina Soderlund, Helen Dodge, Mary Ann Lavoie, Arlene Cox and Nancy Kornstad. November 27, 1947 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram


Local units of the Boy Scouts of America will be on the street this Saturday selling Winter Frolic Buttons. Proceeds will be used to sponsor Joy’s sports program during the week of February 14-22. James Skinner, Scoutmaster, is pictured handing out envelopes of buttons to William Penn, center, and William Sullen. November 27, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

112522.N.ST.Past.Scramble 2.jpg

The action in the fourth quarter was as hot and heavy as it was in the first period last night in the East-Ashland contest, which the Easterns won. Here, after the rebound, are Easts forward Pete Tierney (9) who has 25 points for East, Dale Westerback (7) and Ashland Ooredooker forward John Neuss (33). November 26, 1952 telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and photos courtesy of Retired Librarian Judy Onett at Senior Public Library.

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