Drinks trolley mimicking the loneliness of remote workers in Oxfordshire

A coworking space in Oxfordshire has created a club for people working from home.

Dodo Works in Witney has created the ‘Lonely Workers Club’ to provide after-work drinks and networking nights for people working remotely, to help tackle isolation.

On top of that, a free drink cart went out all over the county to hunt down lone workers.

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The initiative was launched following news that more than a third of remote workers feel lonely, with 74% of young workers saying they struggled with the social isolation of remote working.

The workers will be for a paw drink

James Punch, Area Manager at Dodo Works, said: “Our members often comment that they have lost the Friday feeling and miss the social side of office work.

“Having only virtual and digital human interactions in your work week isn’t good for anyone and that’s why we’ve created flexible working packages that encourage people to come back in a more social setting, encouraging them to venture from their home office to Witney High Street. ”

Oxford Mail: The imitative was started by Dodo Works in WitneyThe imitative was launched by Dodo Works in Witney

“Boris Johnson might want people to go back to the office, but we believe in local support while bringing communities together. But if working from home is the new normal, then the Lonely Workers Club will officially put Thursday afternoon drinks and Friday afternoon drinks back on its agenda.

The first aperitif after work will take place on June 9 at the Part and Parcel in Witney.

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