Dundee German Doner Kebab Boss Box

When you’re grabbing a bite to eat, you want to make sure what you’re taking is good.

That’s why, in our new series Foodies on Foot, Mariam Okhai, my fellow Courier Food and Drink journalist, and I are on a mission to put Tayside and Fife takeaways to the test.

Join us as we roam the towns and villages of our region to unearth the best (and potentially the worst) dishes.

German Doner Kebab on Reform Street.

The first to be rated is the German Doner Kebab (GDK) on Reform Street in Dundee city centre.

Mariam had assured me that it was a Dundee institution and quite popular. Having never visited a GDK, I was intrigued to see if it lived up to the hype.

The order at German Doner Kebab:

The Boss Box for one person included mixed meat (chicken and beef), curry fries (50p extra), 1 x chicken and 1 x doner spring roll plus a Ribena carton

Verdict: The Boss Box for a

This bad boy is full of goodies. From kebab and fries – which you can top with your favorite seasoning – to spring rolls, garlic, yogurt and a spicy dip and drink, there’s a lot going on.

Coming home, we chose the spring rolls first. You get two in the box, so we opted for a donor and a chicken. The dough was crispy and there were lots of layers in the roll that overpowered the flavors of both meats.

The Boss Box for one from the German Doner Kebab.

Mariam thought they were quite greasy inside, and the jalapenos hidden inside took me by surprise as well. We both liked the chicken rather than the doner, but neither of us had tasted the doner in a spring roll, so it was a new experience.

We chose the curry seasoning over the fries which we felt was sometimes lacking. Some were loaded with seasoning while others not so much. They were cooked well but overall pretty average.

In the mixed meat kebab there was a huge slice of tomato, lettuce and cabbage. It was huge and the sauce had pooled in the back of the kebab which meant the front was a bit dry.

The kebab in the box for one.

The meat was really good, but there was so much going on that it was hard to really identify the different flavors of each ingredient.

We both enjoyed the beef best and thought it was a great meal for one. The yogurt, spicy and garlic dips were all quite nice and a good size.

And finally, we have to take care of the packaging. Is it necessary for a meal for one? Not in my opinion. And with the cost of living affecting businesses across the country, it wouldn’t surprise me if this extravagant setup were dropped from the chain.


Julia: 4/5 (3 for the spring rolls/3.5 for the kebab)

Mariam: 4/5 (3 for the spring rolls/4 for the kebab)

To taste

Julia: 3/5 (2.5 for the spring rolls/3.5 for the kebab)

Mariam 3/5 (3 for nems/3.5 for kebab)

Verdict: Veggie Burger

The brioche bun was what made this burger initially appetizing, but to me it’s all about the flavor.

In the fried patty itself there were peas and carrots, with tomato, pickles and lettuce all in the burger as well.

The German Doner Kebab veggie burger.

The patty was roll size which meant you had it in every bite. The patty totally overpowered the homemade sauce that was added, and Mariam and I felt it needed to be a bit thicker, but overall it was a good veggie burger.


Julia: 1.5/5

Mariam: 2/5

To taste

Julia: 2.5/5

Mariam: 2.5/5


Address: 58 Reform Street, Dundee DD1 1RX

Such. : 01382 224433

W: www.germandonerkebab.com/menu

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