Easy smoothie recipes to sip your way to better nutrition

Even before the sun rises, the swirl of the blender can be a welcome sound. Whether the container has a plethora of ingredients or just a few favorites, that sip can lead to good nutritional choices. What easy smoothie recipes give your day a boost?

Although many people appreciate that a balanced diet is part of a healthy lifestyle, the reality is that sometimes it’s easy to sip on all those fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s hiding kale in a drink or finding a way to introduce a new fruit flavor, smoothies have become an easy way to add that boost to a balanced diet.

Certain fruits tend to be popular choices. Although a study found strawberries to be the most popular fruit smoothie ingredient, it’s not the only option. Blueberries, peaches, bananas and more make the list.

Recently, Vitamix announced the 2022 smoothie recipe of the year, the Almond, Peach, and Banana Yogurt Smoothie. This offering brings together popular fruits, like peach and banana, with bold flavors. It’s a sip that’s packed with nutrients and flavor.

According to Matt Dugan, Executive Chef at Vitamix, this smoothie recipe was chosen not only for food cost, but also for its versatility. Specifically saying, “Peaches are a seasonal ingredient available from local growers in many parts of the country. Shoppers may ask for ‘seconds’ to use slightly less perfect fruit ideal for blending, which is often priced lower and which help to fight against food waste.

Plus, this smoothie recipe has 11 grams of protein, is high in fiber, and packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. To say he is full of goodness might be an understatement.

While this Vitamix offer has broad appeal, another offer shows how to use another fruit to increase nutritional content. For example, this Whole Avocado Diced Avocado can be mixed into many easy smoothie recipes.

Beyond the vibrant green color, the avocados add vitamin C, fiber, and potassium to the sip. And the healthy fat makes the smoothie super creamy.

Plus, easy smoothie recipes are a great way to avoid food waste. Instead of another banana bread, freeze them for a smoothie. Bruised, overripe and imperfect fruits and vegetables are perfect for smoothies. Basically, shuffling is better than pitching.

Finally, even after creating the perfect smoothie recipe, the mix order can make that sip even better. According to nutribullet, consider how these ingredients enter the bowl. Starting with the vegetables closest to the blade is key. From there, pile on fruits, liquids, and other ingredients.

Even if you want to break away from your blender for a day, easy smoothie recipes can be a tasty and healthy option to incorporate into that eating routine. This swirl sound can be music to your ears.

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